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It’s not a diet. It’s a way of Life.

The goal of RawPeople is to be a fountain of knowledge and resources. To provide our perspectives on how to incorporate the raw and living food lifestyle into your own life’s experience. Come join our Sustainable Community and grow with us………

We created Raw People in 2002 originally to be a Raw Food Community for Global Health. Our intention was to create a community resource and a platform to provide education, inspiration and support to fellow raw foodists.

In 2008 I had a meeting with my best friend, Katy Joy Freeman (author of Raw & Abroad). We then invited our good friend Mr. Peter Kopko, D.C. to join the Team. To top off the Team we brought in Angela Coates-Hermes (a nutritionist) and her husband James (a Naturopathic Doctor) from Oregon.

We decided to work together and re-create the Raw People website as an expression of our vision to educate and assist people with the integration of living and raw foods into their lifestyles.

My name is Rick H. Cabados and I have been a Spiritual Vegetarian since 1971 and a Vegan since 1991. I have experimented with raw and living foods for many years. Being one of the first Certified Organic Farmers in California, I had a good understanding of growing organic fruits and vegetables and have applied that knowledge to my lifestyle over that last few decades.

Katy Joy is a gourmet raw food chef and author of Raw & Abroad.  She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and specializes in lifestyle coaching and mindfulness. She will be contributing articles, columns and recipes that will assist both “newbies” and experienced raw foodists to greater understandings of food.  She will teach how it can contribute to our personal and spiritual growth and support the environment as well.

Angela Coate-Hermes is one of our RawPeople Nutritionists who will be writing nutritional content including articles and special sections like Raw Kids; Raw Mothers and many other useful topics.

And then there is Mr. Peter Kopko, D.C. who is our Chief Science Advisor. He is a Nutritionist and Sport Doctor and one of the pioneers in live blood cell microscopy. In 1977 Mr. Kopko took a four month sabbatical from chiropractic college and studied with the famous Mr. Ann Wigmore and Victor Kulvinskas, co-founders of Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Wigmore is credited as the first doctor to utilize wheatgrass juice and sprouts as a healing food and to popularize the concept of eating sprouts and foods in their natural uncooked state i.e., “live foods”. Mr. Kopko was awarded certification as a Raw Food Nutritionist from Hippocrates Health Institute. He returned to chiropractic college in Portland, Oregon, where he formulated his philosophy of nutrition and healing while serving as the co-director of The Green House, a live-in healing center modeled after Hippocrates Health Institute. Mr. Kopko will be writing scientific-based articles on subjects from athletics to water and will answer nutritional questions.

In addition to education, inspiration and support we will also incorporate a resource system into our Raw People Community. Our intention is to provide books reviews and new product reviews so that our Members can have useful information to make their own choices. Raw People will be a World Community Co-op that will allow our Members to receive the latest information, education and recipes as well as discounted Member pricing on foods, produce, equipment, books and other essential products that are the heart of our Member’s lifestyles. Supporting each other in this way will benefit our World Community and we welcome ideas and suggestions as to how we can help better serve our Community.

There are many other contributing writers, volunteers and staff members who make up the RawPeople Team and their bios will soon be added to the RawPeople section. 

In Service,

The Team