Change You Can Live With

change you can live with
Are you an all or nothing type of person? So many people embark on positive health changes with an all or nothing attitude. They rush into exercise and quickly burn out, feeling tired and discouraged. They throw out all the cooked food in the pantry with the desire to fully embrace the raw and living food lifestyle, only to be hit full force with cravings and detoxification symptoms without the mental and physical tools to manage them.

Yes, there are some people in the world who do well with the all or nothing approach. For these people, a clean break with their old way of eating and living makes sense. There are some people who just one day put down the cigarettes, stop drinking, or decide to eat fully raw and do so for the rest of their lives.

But for the most part, these folks are few and far between. Most of us mere mortals fall somewhere on the spectrum from doing nothing to doing everything at once. And for us, it's important to embrace changes you can live with.

What's a Change You Can Live With?

Ask yourself this important question: "What's a change I can live with?" One way to make haste slowly is to ask this question once a week and fully commit to one simple change each week.

Pick one day of the week as your starting point. It may feel right to pick Sundays, because that's the calendar start of the week. Or you might choose Mondays because that's the start of the school or work week. The day isn't important – establishing a routine is the important part.

Take a few moments to ask that question of yourself, and note your reaction.  Choose one thing that comes to mind that you think you can have success with and really and truly do.

Perhaps this week, a change you can live with is to cut out dairy foods.  If you've chosen that as your change for the week, take a moment to note in your journal which foods you consume at breakfast, lunch and dinner that may include dairy products. Milk in your coffee or tea counts as a dairy product, so note that down, as does cheese sprinkled on top of a pizza or butter on vegetables.

Now that you've got your list, what can you substitute instead? What feels right to leave out? You may be quite comfortable trying your morning tea without milk, but having vegetables without sautéing them in some fat tastes wrong, so how about using a good quality extra virgin olive oil to sauté those vegetables, or eat them raw with a little dressing made from flax seed oil and lemon juice?

Fifty-Two Changes Per Year

It's amazing when you stop to think about it, but making just one change per week and sticking to it can yield 52 changes in one year! What would happen if you made even half of that many positive health changes? 

Make haste slowly. It's never too late to change. Pick one thing a month, one thing to work on per week, or one per season.  And be sure to celebrate your accomplishments and successes. You deserve it!

Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

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