Little Decisions Add Up to Big Changes

choosing to be healthy

"The point of power is in the present moment."

I don't know where I found that statement, and I haven't been able to locate its source; but I do know it to be true.

Each moment of every single day, there's a choice to be made. Will you wear your blue sweater or the pink one? Take the car to work or the bus? Watch the news this morning or turn off the television? Eat an apple or a chocolate bar?

In reality though, big changes such as choosing to be healthy occur through tiny little points of decision made throughout the day.

Here are some typical decision points in the day for the average adult.  Which way would you choose?

•    Hitting the snooze alarm for an extra 15 minutes of sleep or rising to meditate before the children get up.

•    Drinking a cup of coffee to get going, or a brisk shower to help you wake up.

•    Dashing out the door without breakfast, or grabbing a raw snack on the go such as raw fruit.

•    Dwelling on the awful traffic or repeating a mantra to release the anger as you drive to work.

•    Sipping water throughout your day at work, or drinking lots of diet cola.

•    Choosing a burger and fries for lunch or the salad option at the same fast food restaurant.

•    Making dinner at home or picking up the phone and calling for a pizza.

•    Going out for a walk at night or sitting in front of the television and watching the nightly news.

If you chose the less than ideal decisions on the list above, here's what would happen:

•    The extra snooze might make you late for work, and you'd feel even more stressed out because you didn't have that peace and quiet of meditation time.

•    The coffee would rev you up, but within an hour or two, your energy would crash.

•    You're hungry because you skipped breakfast, so you grab a Danish from the tray at the 10 a.m. meeting…and then chide yourself for eating a sugary, fat-laden food.

•    You get angry at the traffic, which makes you seethe…and then you snap at the receptionist on the way into the office.

•    The diet cola is calorie-free so you're okay there…until you realize you have a stomach ache from all the carbonation you've taken in during the day. Not to mention pumping chemicals into your body that have been linked to everything from tumor development to migraine headaches.

•    The burger tasted fine, but you realize with panic that you just ate 800 calories for lunch.  Including the Danish, you've already eaten 1100 calories, and you're still hungry!

•    The pizza set you back $15 for the pie and tip, and you at way too many slices. Now how many calories are you up to? You've lost track. The pizza's made you sleepy, too.

•    So you plop down on the couch to watch the news…and it's all bad news…so you turn on a movie. Soon it's near midnight, and you realize you should have gone to bed a few hours ago…but wait, there's always the snooze button in the morning.

If you chose the healthy options on the list above, here's what would happen:

•    After meditation, you'd feel more peaceful and able to deal with the traffic later.

•    The apple filled you up a little bit, making you able to resist the 10 am Danish

•    The water made you feel fuller too, and the lunch time salad provided good nutrition for only a few dollars more than the burger and fries.

•    Making a simple dinner at home took just about the same amount of time as ordering the pizza and waiting for it to be delivered, but it sure cost less, and was a lot better for you.
•    What to do? You've got so much extra energy. Let the kids get out their bikes and walk behind them to keep an eye on them. It's family time.

Perhaps the second scenario is idealized. Perhaps not.  But with each subsequent decision made at various points throughout the day, you can feel hungry or full, tired or energetic, angry or peaceful.

The point of power is always in the present moment. Choose wisely now, and reap the benefits tomorrow.

Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

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