Listen to Your Heart, Not Your Head

listen to your heart

One of the most interesting aspects of the raw and living food diet is the spiritual and emotional journey that often accompanies a change in diet. What began perhaps as a way to lose weight or simply eat more healthfully suddenly turns into a quest for self-realization. Our hearts yearn for something bigger, greater, more beautiful and powerful.  We find ourselves dreaming and changing, and this can be frightening.

The typical SAD diet filled with sugar, flour and cooked foods often acts as an analgesic to the soul. Witness the awful proliferation of eating disorders in society today. Whether anorexia, bulimia or compulsive overeating, they are all different sides to the same problem – a lack of connection with spirit, and a hole in the bottom of our souls that we try to fill with eating or control through not eating.

Food has considerable power over emotions.  We reach for chocolate when we are sad or crunchy chips when we are angry. A cookie stirs childhood memories, a feeling from a time when the world was simple and Mom could make it all better.

Many people numb themselves with food. They medicate their emotions with food. Whether it's a special treat or daily overeating, food loses its inherent meaning as sustenance and becomes instead a cocoon, a substance to block out the harsh feelings of daily living.

When we transition into a raw and living foods diet, we are setting aside each layer of the cocoon, one by one. First, we may give up obvious crutches: white sugar foods, chocolate bars, snack cakes, crunchy food sold in shiny bags.  Later, we begin to give up meat, and find ourselves more in tune with our spirits. And as we move from healthy vegetarian and vegan diets of cooked grains and vegetables and into a full raw and living food diet, we may find ourselves dealing with emotions, feelings and thoughts that are new to us.

Listening to Your Heart

The more you eat raw, the more your intuition will sharpen. Your heart – the inner yearnings of your spirit – find new ways to make their presence known.

Most people live inside their heads. They follow their rational minds. They have an amazingly long "should" list and can rationalize just about anything.

Many people find themselves more heart-focused as they continue on their raw food journey. Rather than discarding logic and rational thinking, they find themselves honoring their heart even more.

The great philosopher Blaise Paschal said, "The heart has reasons whereof the mind knows not."  Listening to your heart may yield undreamed of pathways.

Techniques for Honoring Your Spirit

Would you like to listen more to your heart, and not to your head? Try some of the following techniques. Remember, you can still use logic to weigh choices – but listen to some of the suggestions of your heart. You may discover an unknown land inside yourself.

•    Meditate: No matter what method of meditation you choose, meditation clears the channels of the mind, freeing the flow of creativity. Meditation can open your heart. Heart-centered meditation is a simple technique of getting comfortable and listening to your heart beat, focusing your energy and attention on the area near the heart.

•    Nature: Nature often relaxes us enough to allow our hearts to speak. Try long nature walks, enjoying time with animals, or however you connect with nature.

•    Art:  Art provides ways to express our deepest feelings while circumventing the rational mind. Even if you can't draw a stick figure, pick up pens, paper, crayons, clay or whatever allows you to express yourself through color and shape.

•    Journaling:  Free form journaling often reveals things our hearts are trying to say that our minds suppress. Try writing prompts or a quote of the day to reflect on to get you started. Set a timer and write for 15 minutes or longer.  Let your writing sit for a day or two, then read it back. You may be astonished at what it reveals.

Like many people, you may live more in your head than in your heart.  Try allowing your spirit to soar and listen to the inner voice that guides you. You may be amazed at what you hear.

Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

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