Find Your Treasure

find your treasure

So, how are you doing? It's not an idle question as we pass each other in cyberspace on this day. Check in with yourself. How are you doing on your raw and living foods journey?

Have you made positive changes this year? Take note of them now. It might be helpful to write some down so you can see a 'before" and "after" picture.

If you haven't made all of the positive changes you intended to make this year, why not?

Wherever Your Treasure Lies, There Your Heart Will Be

The subhead above is taken from the New Testament (Bible) and reflects a saying by Jesus that points us to the inescapable fact of life: we put out attention on what means the most to us.  What we treasure, we love.  And what we love, we pay attention to.

What do you love? Maybe it's your children. Perhaps your treasure is your child. You lavish all your love, attention and care on your child. You sacrifice everything for your child so he or she can have the best life possible, go to college.  That's an example of where your treasure lies, there your heart will be.

Why Isn't Your Treasure – You?

But why, when asked to name their treasure, do so few people mention the one thing they cannot buy: their health?

Your health is one of your greatest treasures. The tragedy of life is that so few people recognize this until it's too late. Perhaps it's because we are usually born with robust good health and clean little bodies. Our tiny bodies are babies probably functioned perfect! We ate and slept when nature demanded, we grew and changed. Our skin was smooth and soft and unwrinkled. Our hearts beat naturally, our arteries and veins were open and free, our livers functioning perfectly.

The slide into illness often begins years before the actual diagnosis. Random aches and pains, weird skin rashes, too frequent colds – and then the diagnosis comes.

Suddenly, we've lost our treasure.

A Treasure Map

Are you a fan of pirate movies? Many of them are fun and silly, like The Goonies, in which a group of misfit children discover a treasure map and race to outwit a band of criminals to find the treasure. It's time you created your very own treasure map to discover the hidden riches of health that lie within you.
Can you take a moment now to complete the following exercise?

•    Write in a journal where you were a year ago health-wise, and where you are today. What progress have you made? After writing your notes, pause, reflect and rejoice on any progress you have made.

•    Where have you fallen short? Don't berate yourself or waste energy beating yourself up. Just note it down.

•    If the list looks familiar – why? Is it because every year you promise to give up sugar, or coffee, or cigarettes, and every  year you find yourself slipping into your old habits? If that's the case – why? What can you do to focus your heart on your treasure, your health?

•    Now take a moment and list three habits you would like to instill.  Try to make them simple and easy to remember.  Perhaps it is going for a walk every day, or eating two more servings of fruit.  Mark yours down.

•    Now make your treasure map – your game plan! What steps will you take to get there? If it's walking every day, grab your calendar or open your computer program and mark the time out. This way it's just like any other appointment, and you must keep it. Bring your sneakers to work and take a lunch time walk.  If it's eating more fruit, be sure to buy a few pieces that you enjoy. Keep a bowl of apples on your desk at work, or pears, or grapes.  Munch on them instead of a sweet snack at 3pm.

Your life is precious and your health a treasure. Design your own treasure map and make health and healing a priority. Your treasure will lead you to your heart's desire and the joy of healthy living.

Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

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