Raw on the Go

raw on the go

Wake up…grab briefcase, drop kids off at school… commute… meetings, work, meetings, work…home, throw dinner together, take kids to sports, ballet, piano lessons…clean house…walk dog….collapse into bed.

Is that your day? If you're constantly on the go, you need a solid game plan for success on a raw food diet. Raw foods generally don't take a lot longer to prepare than cooked foods, but you've got to plan carefully to avoid running out of your favorite foods or being tempted by the siren song of fast food on a busy day.  Here are simple tips to stay 'raw on the go' on your busiest days.

Tip #1:  Create a Launch Pad

Like a rocket ship ready to blast off for the moon, you need a launching pad to catapult you out the door in the morning. Select a spot in the fridge and a spot near the door where you can park the raw food items you need for your day.  Leave your insulated bag on the launch pad next to your brief case to remind you to take your food with you.

Tip #2:  Prep the Night Before

As much as you can, prepare your raw foods the night before. Fill your water bottles with ionized alkaline water and leave them on the launching pad shelf in the refrigerator. Make your breakfast smoothie the night before, clean the blender, and place the smoothie in a covered container next to your water bottles. Clean and dice vegetables and raw food meals and place in reusable containers on the refrigerator shelf launch pad. Leave bags of whole fruit such as apples or pears next to your purse, or pack them in your briefcase the evening before to ensure they go with you out the door.

Tip #3:  Make Double Batches

When making a lunch salad, make a double batch. As long as you don't put any dressing on it, it will keep for a day. Simply put the extra salad in the fridge for the next day.  Many raw food meals can also be prepared like this and saved for a quick, healthy raw on the go lunch.

Raw Fast Food

If despite your best efforts you find yourself hungry and running from meeting to appointment and back again, remember that you have options. Even the most hamburger-heavy fast food restaurant offers fruit and vegetable salad choices.  Supermarkets and convenience stores offer portable fruit such as bananas, apples and grapes. Some offer cut up fruit in containers; read the ingredients to avoid preservatives and additives that prevent browning but may be detrimental to health. Raisins and nuts also offer fast, portable options available in conventional stores.

No matter how busy you get, you can still enjoy healthy raw food alternatives.  With a bit of preparation you can launch full tilt in your busiest days armed with healthy, life giving raw foods.

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Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
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