The Fit Family

fit family bicycle riding

Children develop healthy habits by modeling and participating
in family habits. Help your child develop a lifelong love of fitness
by becoming the “fit family.”  Here are five things you can do to
help your family develop a fitness habit and enjoy exercise.

1.    Go for an evening walk:   Make an after dinner walk a family ritual.  Enjoy the changing colors of the season. Walk your neighborhood and stop to chat with neighbors. The little ones can watch from the comfort of their stroller, while older children may enjoy skipping or hopping. Make it a family affair!

2.    Team family:
  Team sports develop confidence and fitness. While formal team sports are great, how about a family game of football, a basketball game, or just tossing a ball around? Play tag, catch or kickball.  It only takes three people or more and you can join with other families too!

3.    Bike ride for fun!
  What's childhood without a bike? Grab your helmets and go! Many communities are now sponsoring rail trails ( Rail trails are former railway lines that are converted to biking, walking, and horseback riding trails.  Visit the Rails to Trails Conservancy to find one near you. They're ideal for bicycling because motorized traffic is forbidden and the trails are mostly flat or through gentle, rolling terrain.

4.    Go to the playground:
  If your community has a park or playground, take the kids. Swinging, sliding, and playing on playground equipment is a fun way for kids to stay physically active. You can push children on the swings or join in for some good old-fashioned fun.

5.    Take up a sport together: 
Showing kids that you want to learn something new right alongside them is a powerful lesson they'll remember for a lifetime.  Try roller skating, roller blading, or skiing.  Even something as simple as jumping rope alongside your children and learning new fancy double Dutch steps keeps you fit and encourages fitness as a family.

Fitness can be a family affair. Instead of parking as a group in front of the television, shut off the idiot box and head outside. You don't need to spend a fortune to get fit.  Walking, biking, jumping rope, playing a game of tag or visiting the local playground will build strong muscles and put roses in your cheeks.  Start today and become the fit family!

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Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
Copyright 2009 All rights reserved