Beyond Food: Restoring Normal Physiology



That is a term than we don’t often hear—“normal physiology”—what does it mean?  We are so busy chasing symptoms that we have forgotten what it was like when our bodies were healthy and functioning normally.  Too much emphasis is being put on treating our bodies or chasing symptoms, when our true goal is to optimize our health.  Doctors put their educational dollars into learning the bio-chemical model of the body.  They know little to nothing about how the body reacts to the positive and negative energies, the laws of quantum physics and the mind/body connection and their effect on true health and well-being.  While alleviating symptoms may be beneficial for the comfort of the person in the short term, thought must turn to restoring normal physiology to the body based on the way our bodies were designed to work.

If you are a “symptom-oriented” person, you will always be in treatment mode, in other words, you will always be a “patient” and the ongoing number of pills you will have to take will be forever, and increasing—with diminishing results.  To begin thinking about the true underlying causes is to turn over a new page in life.  To treat only symptoms may cause them to lessen, but because the true underlying cause was not addressed, it will most likely worsen and either increase the treatment needed, or a new symptom will arise.

Dealing with the true underlying causes and correcting normal physiology will restore your body and correct normal physiology.  Now, the treatment does not have to be endless—you do not have to be on prescription pills for a lifetime.  Dr. Bernard Jensen once said, “If you die for any reason other than a traumatic accident before the age of 85, then at the root cause of your condition was a problem with digestion.”  This, ladies and gentlemen, is real food for thought.

Your digestive tract begins in your mind, goes through your mouth and alimentary canal and ends at your anus.  What goes on in between is a very complex process with numerous components.  Most people think that if they don’t have any overt digestive symptoms, there is nothing wrong with their digestion.  More than likely, the sad case is that their digestive system may be operating far from the effective and optimum say it should.

There are four areas that need to be addressed in your body’s functional systems in order to bring your body back to homeostasis—or normal physiology.  These are, first and foremost—restoring ideal pH.  One of the key indicators of pH is tissue oxygen.  When tissue oxygen is too high or too low, it becomes a harboring area to infective agents.  Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Peace Prize winner in the ‘50’s showed that cancer and adequate oxygen cannot exit in the same tissue.  The most effective way to keep your pH level in the 6.4 to 7.0 range is to supplement your diet with D-3 Serum and Q. Greens Mix used in your morning smoothie.

The second is colon health—for over 150 years, naturopathic medicine has known and stated that “death begins in the colon.”  Proper functioning (3 eliminations per day) is essential to good health and lasting vitality.  For over 150 years, naturopathic medicine has stated that “death begins in the colon.” A good colonic is always beneficial.

The third, and most often ignored, process is the vital enzymes and hydrochloric acid required by the body to ignite the stomach acid response to digesting food.  Even in young children, the amount of Pink Salt, a high quality air-dried sea salt, that they consume can be consequential to their long-term ability to digest foods properly.  When stomach acid becomes too alkaline, lactic acid begins to form.  Lactic acid is a corrosive waste product and is what is being felt when a person is suffering from acid reflux.  After age 40 you should begin supplementing with a good Betaine HCL product to maintain the appropriate levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.  

And finally, the function of your liver/gallbladder is overwhelming. The liver alone has over 600 known functions.  They, in conjunction with each other, perform remarkably under stress in our lives, in addition to allowing us to sail through many of our eating indiscretions.  A great majority of our population have livers and gallbladders that are full of sludge and stones that are made up of congealed bile and keep these organs from running in optimal condition. Cleaning these organs alone can go a great way toward restoring normal physiology.  Naturopaths have long held that this is the single most important thing that you can do for your health.

When a person seeks to either optimize their health or to recover from a health condition or restore lost health, too much emphasis is on treating or chasing the symptoms.  It makes more sense to begin to restore normal physiology based on the way our bodies were designed to work than to chase symptom resulution.
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Elle Reinhardt is a Traditional Naturopath and Certified QRA Practitioner with a practice in Upland, CA.  You can contact her for private consultation at 951-970-4900


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