Juicing with Natalia Rose’s Green Lemonade

green lemonade juice recipes

“Juicing is king and if you want to alkalinize your body and avoid food in the morning,
you make it happen come rain, sleet, or snow. Juicing is sacred!”
—Natalia Rose

Going Green

Accustomed to the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) diet, which even other countries have—or are—adapting to, most of you live on frozen, boxed, canned, or fried (fast) foods. So, gobbling up handfuls of fresh, raw spinach, kale, romaine or other nutrient-rich greens doesn’t seem to make it as a priority on your list of favorite, most-often-eaten foods.

That’s where raw juices come in; however, raw juices are about more than just sweet and fruity juices such as freshly squeezed orange juice to accompany your breakfast or brunch—they’re a way to bombard your body with all those veggies many of you never seem to eat enough of.

Jazzy Juices

It’s great fun to play around with raw juices and use your imagination for new and delicious concoctions that are suited to your tastes. And it’s also the perfect way to introduce fruits or veggies you’ve never tried before.

One totally fun juice to have is green lemonade….

Changing Colors

Who says lemonade has to have a clear/yellow tint with loads of white, granulated, processed sugar and perfectly sliced lemons floating around in your glass? Sometimes we need to think outside of the box—or in this case, outside of the color.

Lemons have numerous health benefits and can be enjoyed a myriad of ways—including as an ingredient in green lemonade!

Natalia’s Classic “Green Lemonade” A La Detox for Women
(Serves one)

•    1 head romaine lettuce or celery
•    5 or 6 stalks kale
•    1-2 packets of  Stevia powder or a few liquid Stevia drops (optional, for added sweetness)
•    1 whole organic lemon (with peel)
•    1-2 tablespoons fresh ginger (optional)

Note: If you’re on a juice fast or a Candida cleanse, you can eliminate the Stevia from this recipe as you’ll want to avoid sweeteners of any kind.

Green with Envy

It’s nice to switch your juices up whether you’re juice fasting, or not. It isn’t good for your system to keep receiving the same old juice repeatedly. Your body wants excitement, creativity, something NEW!  Your friends’ bodies will be green with envy as you sip Natalia Rose’s green lemonade with a big smile on your face—and that radiant glow begins to overtake you.

Natalia has an awesome piece of advice when it comes to raw juices—which I totally echo in my own opinions and teachings: “… juices are best taken on an empty stomach so they can bypass the digestive process and go right to the cellular level with all their life force and enzymatic superpowers!”

What are you waiting for? Drink up those superpowers!

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Rose, Natalia. Author and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Detox 4 Women (First Edition). New York: Harper Collins, 2009, Pg. 182

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