How Do I Get Protein During My Juice Fast?


Raw Protein Juice Fasting

“Just as a horse will manufacture all the protein it needs for its strong
musculature from greens, so too will a human.
”—Natalia Rose

How Will I Get Protein On a Juice Fast?

This is a question I get a lot—both in comment form on my raw food/juicing blog, in e-mails, and even in person. A lot of you simply cannot fathom how you can possibly supply your body with enough protein while consuming only fresh, raw juices, water, and herbal tea. It doesn’t make sense to you.

This is definitely a legitimate concern. Getting enough of any food source is important. Protein is something our bodies require to thrive; however, most of you have been trained to believe that the only sources of sufficient protein available to us are to be found in meat, fish, and/or eggs. This is simply not true; it’s a myth.

Raw Reigns

Raw, plant-based protein absolutely exists and can—and does—supply countless Raw Foodists with more than enough protein to nourish their bodies.

Contrary to what many of you believe, when you’re juice fasting you are not starving your body of any nutrients. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Your body is being bombarded with more nutrition that it’s probably ever received—even if you’re already a Vegan or Vegetarian. You cannot eat even half of the raw veggies and fruits you’ll be consuming on a juice fast. If you tried, your jaws would be exhausted from chewing and you’d give up trying!

Still not convinced that raw veggies can pack a powerful protein punch?

Here’s a list of several raw sources of protein you can juice:

•    Asparagus
•    Beet Greens
•    Broccoli
•    Cabbage
•    Cauliflower
•    Collard Greens
•    Kale
•    Mustard Greens
•    Spinach
•    Swiss Chard
•    Sprouts
•    Tomatoes
•    Turnip Greens

Lesson Learned?

Don’t underestimate the power of raw, living foods—even while juice fasting. Mother was right for telling you to eat your greens; they’re loaded with goodies your body is literally dying to gobble up!

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