Raw Juices (and Smoothies) for Weight GAIN


Drink raw juices and smoothies to GAIN weight! Plus other tips from your friendly raw food experts at RawPeople.comWe’ve looked at the pros and cons of juicing for weight loss, but what about weight gain? Yes, those of you who have struggled with losing weight might cringe or feel a tad bit jealous of those who strive to gain just a couple of pounds, who fantasize about gaining 10, even 20, pounds. But it’s a serious issue that affects many people.

If you have been working to gain weight and have tried gobbling up donuts, cakes, pizza, and lots of other carbs and sugary treats to pack on the pounds, why not try devouring giant salads, fresh fruit, raw nut butters, nuts, and seeds? It may surprise you to discover that by eating raw, living fruits and veggies and drinking raw, living juices and smoothies made with them, you could actually gain weight. How? Because you’re flooding your body with loads of nutrition—and that helps get your body straightened out, whether you need to gain weight or lose it. It’s fairly simple, really, if you think about it. After all, your body is probably lacking certain nutrients, thus its inability to add a few pounds so you’ll look and feel healthier.

Don’t feel like chewing raw fruits and veggies all day every day? Enjoy juices and smoothies!
Make Those Drinks Count!

You can create smoothies with maximum nutritional benefit by adding:

•    freshly ground raw nuts
•    seeds
•    nut butters
•    avocado
•    bananas
•    goji berries
•    powdered or liquid vitamins
•    herbal tea
•    vegan protein

You can even make a totally decadent smoothie by adding these delicious ingredients!

Get the most from your raw juices by adding:

It’s a little more difficult to add some of the above ingredients to juices because 1) you really can’t juice bananas, nuts, or avocados and 2) because most of us prefer our juices to actually have the consistency of juice.

•    sprouts (see here for seeds)
•    superfoods (Superfoods nourish your body at a cellular level.)
•    herbal tea
•    powdered or liquid vitamins

Weight Gaining Tip: Just like with weight loss, be sure to avoid the scale while you’re trying to gain weight. Not only will it be discouraging to see you haven’t gained any, it may actually prevent you from continuing your raw journey. Give it some time, experiment with raw foods, juices, and smoothies and allow your body—and your health—to flourish!

Stay Hydrated

While on your weight-gaining journey, be sure to drink plenty of alkalinized water and eat alkaline foods. Many times our bodies can’t find balance because they’re too acidic. Alkaline-rich foods and water will bring the harmonious balance our body is so desperately craving.

Go Organic

Also, whenever possible, consume organic foods. Additives, preservatives, and other chemicals found in non-organic, processed foods and/or produce grown using pesticides and herbicides can cause chaos in the bodies of those trying to lose or gain weight. If money is an issue, shop your local farmers markets, barter with a neighbor who has an organic garden, or even join a community gardening project. You may also find flexibility in your budget if you eliminate things such as junk food or frivolous shopping sprees. Nothing worth having is free, right? And your health is priceless.

Load up on Proteins!

Make sure you’re getting enough protein, and you might also consider ruling out parasites as a cause for your inability to gain weight. Parasites can cause problems both with weight loss and weight gain. The enzymes found in the living foods you’ll be eating (and drinking) will help with your weight gain. You can purchase enzyme supplements as well.

Stay Centered and Grounded

Experiment with raw, living foods, juices, and smoothies and enjoy the journey. Keep your stress levels in check. If you can manage your stress, and love yourself, your body will have an easier time accomplishing what it needs to.

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