Getting Past the Detox Stage: Now Juice Fasting Is a Breeze—Or, Is It?

lonelinessSometimes you can feel isolated while juice fasting…

Bye-Bye Headache

Last week, we discovered why our head can hurt so badly while transitioning from solid foods to a smooth juice fasting experience. Detoxing is just part of the process; we need to embrace it as part of the journey and learn to listen to our bodies.

Hello, Peace!

There’s a peaceful serenity that comes with juice fasting that can’t quite be described. Once you’re beyond the headaches and achy, flu-like symptoms of detoxing, you enter a place that is so serene and calm, it’s hard to explain. There’s almost a feeling of euphoria, many juice fasters have said.

Chances are, after that initial phase of detoxing symptoms those first couple of days (or even a week for some people), you’ll hit days here and there where another headache might creep up, or you might feel a little achy. Again, this is all natural and is part of the process of your body detoxing and ridding itself of years’ worth of toxins. This phase, after you’ve detoxed, can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

Uh-oh, what happened to all that peace? Someone’s trying to intrude on your juicing journey….

Dealing with People

This can be one of the most difficult parts of juice fasting. You’ve gotten over the fact that you’re not eating (well, almost!), you’ve trudged right on through the headaches and pains, and you’re falling more and more in love with juice fasting as each day goes by. You begin to love life more, sleep better, your vision may seem more precise, your mind less cluttered and foggy, but something new pops up—people. They have “questions and concerns”. They pass judgment or they don’t understand why you’d “starve yourself”.

Maybe no one will notice if you’re only juice fasting for a couple of days, but if you choose to devote yourself to a longer fast, those you’re around every single day will notice you’re not eating and you may face some questions you wish you didn’t have to keep answering. Some people simply cannot comprehend why on earth you’d just “up and quit eating food and try to exist on a liquid diet”, as they say.

Dealing with all these questions and the prodding into your choice to cleanse your body, mind, and soul can be overwhelming. I have found myself feeling uncomfortable trying to defend my decision to juice fast—especially my longer juicing journeys. My word of advice here is to search your heart, share honest, kind answers, and just realize that not everyone desires to give up their beloved favorite foods (or any food for that matter) for a juice fast—even if it means they’d live longer, healthier lives. No matter how hard you try to convince them, most people refuse to believe you’re actually filling your body with more nutrition in a day than they’ll get in a week—even if they’re eating fruits and veggies every day—because you’re consuming bulk vegetables, fruits, and sprouts in your juices.

Always keep the peace in your heart, and your relationships, and find a blissful place to take your mind to if you find yourself in a difficult situation. Keep a sweet, positive attitude and keep an open mind that not everyone is as passionate about ultimate health as you are. You can’t convert everyone to your health beliefs; just be a healthy example and you might just be surprised when a little times passes and some people start asking you tips on juice fasting.

Just Juice!

Juice fasting is invigorating. Once you learn to listen to your body and you’re tuned in to yourself physically and emotionally, and you find ways to cope with the curiosity of others who don’t juice fast, you’ll find juice fasting is a breeze. It’s a refreshing way to maintain your health if you’re fortunate enough to be at your ultimate health; it’s also a wonderful tool if you’re striving to regain or improve your health.

At the time of this article, my longest juice fast lasted 52 days. Yes, 52 days without food, no nibbling on fruits or veggies or anything else; just freshly juiced fruits, veggies, sprouts, herbal tea some days, and water. That’s it. I am sure I’m craving a long juice fast now, as springtime teases us so sweetly. I am confident it will be a joyous journey!

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