Detoxify to Overcome Fatigue


overcome fatigue

Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or just plain old fatigue, being tired is a national epidemic. The Center for Disease Control states that approximately 250,000 cases per year of chronic fatigue syndrome are diagnosed yearly.  That number leaves out countless people who go from doctor to doctor seeking cures for low-grade fatigue, the kind that just drags you down day after day and that no amount of sleep can cure.

What causes such unrelenting tiredness? If you're ruled out the obvious, such as not getting enough sleep, poor quality sleep, or heavy exertion, a longstanding case of fatigue may respond well to detoxification and raw foods.

Why Toxins Make Us Tired

Since World War II, some 60,000 new chemicals have been sprayed on our food, pumped into the air and water, and used in to manufacture items such as paint, clothing, and more. The constant chemical onslaught must be handled by our bodies before the chemical wastes harm our health. The human body naturally detoxifies daily, flushing out the nature-made waste products from metabolism through the various organs of excretion. But it was never designed to handle so many new, manmade chemical toxins.

As our bodies struggle to remove all of these toxins, valuable energy is used to remove, or shield vital organs from toxins. Toxins are stored in fat, which in turn makes us gain weight and feel sluggish. An acidic condition may ensue, which again can contribution to fatigue.

If  your doctor cannot find a conventional diagnosis for your fatigue, detoxification with living foods may help.

Raw Foods for Energy

A raw, living foods diet detoxifies and energizes in many ways. First, raw foods are filled with life-giving enzymes. Our bodies produce many enzymes and these helps break down foods during digestion so that their components can be assimilated and used. As we age, however, our bodies tend to produce fewer enzymes, making it harder to digest certain foods. Raw, living foods contain abundant living enzymes. Nature packages enzymes within the foods that enable them to be used without tapping into the body's energy reserves. This releases that energy to be used for healing, growth, maintenance and detoxification.

Raw foods typically contain healthy fiber and water, two substances that aid natural detoxification. Fiber acts like a broom, whisking digestive debris from the colon. Water flushes toxins from the system through the kidneys and urine.

Lastly, raw foods provide abundant vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They provide protein, fat, and carbohydrates that are easily converted to energy by the body. Instead of overloading your body with cooked foods, meat, dairy and processed foods which use up vital energy, raw foods provide abundant energy.

Other Detoxification Aids

There are many other ways to help your body detoxify naturally and gentle. Ionized alkaline water is an excellent tool for detoxification. Many toxins produce an acidic state in the body, and ionized alkaline water helps the body regain a healthful alkaline state that promotes the release of toxins from fat tissue. Drinking plenty of water aids the kidneys in their job of filtering toxins from the bloodstream and removing them through urine.

What about herbs for detoxification? Herbs are useful, especially if you have a history prior to embarking on a raw food diet of eating or drinking substances harmful to the liver. Milk thistle, for example, cleanses the liver. Nettle or dandelion tea also acts as a gentle detoxification aid and diuretic.

Eating raw foods, drinking pure ionized alkaline water, and taking other steps to detoxify can do wonders for your energy level. Try gently detoxification methods today in addition to weaning yourself off of artificial stimulants such as caffeine, avoiding excess stress, and getting plenty of sleep. Hopefully, your energy will return, and you'll welcome each new day with a bounce in your stride that's contagious!

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Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
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