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  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Detoxify your body for improved energy and mental clarity
  • Detoxify your environment to alleviate environmental pollution that you encounter on a daily basis
  • Reduce stress in your life through improved diet and healthful practices
  • Slowly make the transition week by week into the raw and living food lifestyle
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A Step-by-Step, Transformative, Natural Lifestyle Plan to Achieve lasting Health and Vitality

  • Discover the secret to how we lost 40 pounds and kept it off for 20 years!
  • Learn how you can detoxify your body, your home, and your relationships to achieve new, transformative levels of energy, happiness and inner peace.
  • Find out the secret to glowing skin, improved digestion, and increased health and vitality that celebrities like Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson have already discovered and have employed in their own lives to achieve the energy levels and health of adults 10-20 years younger!
  • Learn how you can detoxify your body for improved energy and mental clarity.
  • Learn how you can detoxify your environment to alleviate environmental pollution and eliminate common sources of allergies and environmental toxicity in your everyday life for improved skin tone, mental focus, optimized digestion, and allergy prevention.
  • Discover all these secrets and more and learn how to implement these changes slowly in a week-by-week, day-by-day plan to help you transition into the raw, living foods lifestyle.
  • Learn how you can reduce stress in your life through improved diet and healthful practices.
  • Learn how you can maintain the positive changes you have made—for life!
  • And it’s all without taking any expensive drugs or gimmicks!
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My name is Katy Joy Freeman, and together with my husband Rick Cabados, we have discovered the miracle of the raw food diet, and it is our joy to share it with you in our 250-page illustrated book, The Complete Guide to Raw Food Living: Education, Inspiration, and Motivation for those Transitioning into the Raw Food Lifestyle.

The Complete Guide to Raw Food Living is 8 informative, chapters of information, advice, and encouragement. We believe in making changes at your own pace, and we’re here with you every step of the way. We’ll walk with you page-by-page, chapter-by-chapter to educate, motivate and inspire you into realizing the healthy, beautiful person that you are inside.

Health and Happiness starts with what you put in your body and in your mind, so we begin the book with an introduction to Mindfulness and what it means for you in your lifestyle—and in essentially everything that you do. From the clothes you put on your body to the food you put on your plate, and the thoughts that you practice daily, Mindfulness is a skill that you will learn to adopt in all facets of your life, and it is the foundation to making the lifestyle changes that you will be learning in this book.

Here’s a sneak-peek of what you’ll get inside the book!

Raw People - A Complete Guide to the Raw Food Lifestyle
  • Each chapter is packed with answers to the questions we most frequently get asked by friends and colleagues who ask us for advice about making the transition to the raw food lifestyle.
  • Each chapter contains a chapter-end summary of the Key Takeaway Points to Remember from that chapter.
  • Each chapter contains an Action Plan to help you set your target goals and stay focused on your transition and lifestyle choices.
  • Each chapter also contains Suggested Journaling Topics to help you self-evaluate and self-discover your own thoughts, feelings and goals while on your journey into this new lifestyle
  • An extensive glossary of fruits, nuts, herbs, and health supplements that you can employ in your new diet to enhance the benefits that the raw food diet has to offer
  • 54 delicious, gourmet raw food recipes to get you started on the mouth-watering flavors and diversity that the raw food lifestyle has to offer—includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacking, dinner, refreshments, and decadent, sumptuous desserts.
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  • And if you order now, you’ll also get this companion-guide e-book: Raw Abroad, also by Katy Joy Freeman, MFT, raw chef—absolutely free!

Raw & Abroad is a Mindfulness-based travel guide designed to support you in maintaining healthy lifestyle habits while away from home. Join Mindfulness expert and Raw chef Katy Joy Freeman as she provides practical tips on:

Raw and Abroad - How to take the Raw Food Lifestyle Wherever You Go
  • How to select the food to bring with you
  • How to prepare a natural first aid kit
  • How to make the most of a long air plane ride
  • How to eat out at restaurants without starving
  • How to set daily intentions to get the most out of your trip
  • How to practice affirmations to ease into an “attitude of gratitude”
  • How to use breathing, meditation, and relaxation practices to enhance your travel experience
  • How to appreciate whatever your adventure brings to you
  • How to get in your daily exercise when space is scarce!

These are only some of the topics covered in this great travel companion. Raw & Abroad is 64 pages of must-read material for those wanting encouragement in their efforts to practice optimal health while on the road.

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