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Beyond the dreaded hat hair lies the awful static cling…static electricity that makes your hair stand on end as if you touched one of those gizmos in the science lab that shot out bolts of bright blue electricity. One of the beauty challenges of winter is flyaway hair and static cling making it impossible for ladies to walk without twitching their skirt or dress and for guys to take a blazer on and off without crackling.  Before reaching for that nasty can of static remover, with its fluorocarbons and mélange of potentially carcinogenic chemicals, learn more about natural ways to reduce static cling and static electricity.

What Causes Static Electricity?

Static electricity is caused by two objects rubbing together; one loses electrons to the other, creating a positive and negative charge on the objects. That’s what happens as you walk across the office carpet and touch a metal door knob or when your hair blows around in the wind, or your skirt rubs against your stockings.  Friction creates a static charge. Dry, cold air makes it easier for static charges to build up, so winter is definitely prime season for static.

Static and Flyaway Hair

Several factors contribute to flyaway hair in the wintertime:

•    Dry hair: Dryness contributed to flyaway hair. Harsh winter temperatures can make hair feel dry and brittle.

•    Wind: Wind blows the hair around, rubbing the strands together. This builds up even more static electricity.

•    Blow drying: Using a hot air blow dryer combines the worst of both worlds by drying the hair further and rubbing strands together in the hot breeze.
The best solution to dry, flyaway hair is moisture. Switch to an organic, all natural moisturizing shampoo and a rich conditioner. If your hair is very oily, continue washing with your normal shampoo but consider adding a conditioner. A deep conditioning treatment using natural moisturizers such as olive oil once a week adds more moisture.  You can also rub a tiny amount of olive oil into the hair to keep it hydrated and moisturized.

Static Cling and Clothes

Women often find that static cling creates some embarrassing situations in the winter time. While skirts and dresses are most problematic, even pants can get too clingy, riding up or sticking to spots they shouldn’t. 

For emergency static cling treatment, find a bottle of hand lotion. If you’re wearing stockings with a skirt or dress, rub hand lotion on top of the stockings. This decreases the friction between the pantyhose and the skirt or slip and cuts down or eliminates static cling.  You can also smooth a bit of hand lotion between a slip and skirt, or even on your legs or body if you aren’t wearing pantyhose.  Try the same with pants.

Hopefully with these tips, the only time you’ll get a static charge this winter is when you pet your cat. And no, you can’t smooth olive oil or hand lotion on Tiger!

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Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

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