Painting with Spiders


There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten things up, wouldn’t you agree? That’s what I thought this past week when my wife Liz and I went back to our Irving office to brighten things up. I worked on the outside doors and she took the task of painting the inside of the doors. I had completed the exterior parts and was working on the ceiling when Liz came in rather upset and flustered. What could be wrong?

She pushed her left arm out and showed me three raised red blisters spaced half an inch an apart. She thought she had been bitten by some spiders when she was working near the floor among some cob webs painting the trim. They really hurt bad and were burning and getting redder.  Spider bites can be very serious and cause severe tissue damage if not neutralized quickly. People have even lost limbs from the tissue destroying poisons from spider bites. It was time for naturopathic medicine to come to her aid.

I went to my pickup and brought in both emergency kits that I always carry with me and took out the emergency homeopathic first aid kits. The first item was a bottle of homeopathic Septaforce, a specific homeopathic combination to neutralize spider and snake bites. I gave Liz 10 drops by mouth and applied it directly over the blistering three bites. Then I found some Insect homeopathic tablets and crushed 3 between two spoons and mixed that with more Septaforce and applied that to the bites and also gave it to her by mouth for internal treatment to help her body detoxify and neutralize the poisons.

Within minutes the stinging had stopped and in 30 minutes the redness had vanished. It was time for a dinner break and all was well. What could have turned into a medical emergency and perhaps a life threatening event was completely neutralized by a few safe, natural remedies that everyone should have on hand at all times.

Why not be prepared and carry some natural remedies with you so you don’t get side tracked by a mean spider?

Remember “God has given your body the amazing power to heal itself”. God bless you all! I’m here in Wynnewood, call me anytime at (972)-333-4394.

The Natural Corner on Health
by Dr. Lauri Campbell, N.D., Wynnewood 972-333-4394

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