How to Pick the Right Juicer

Written by Rick H. Cabados




Understanding Juicers and How to Choose the

Right One for Your Needs.

There are three types of juicers – the centrifugal, the masticating and the press. The first spins the pulverized produce and extracts the juice by the air that goes through the basket and this oxidizes and destroys most of the enzymes and some of the vitamins.

The masticating crushes or grinds the produce and extracts the juice and preserves almost all the vitamins and enzymes, so this type produces a higher quality and healthier juice.

The press style juicer, The People’s Press, is more labor intensive but some people claim they produce more nutrients. My perspective on this is that if something takes too much time we tend to not do it, so keep this in mind when choosing your juicer for long-term use.

Why Press Juice?

Pressing Reclaims Lost Nutrients from Vegetable Pulp

The pulp from organic vegetables is too valuable to be discarded. Pressing actually releases vitamins, minerals and enzymes that literally “bind” to the pulp. The hydraulic presser separates these bio-available nutrients, which act as powerful healing agents by dramatically improving red blood cell function. The “live” enzymes renew the tissues of the body.

Allows Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables to be Realized

The healing forces of these “best of vegetables” can only be achieved through pressing.

In the masticating juicers there are single gear and dual gear juicers. The single gears use a polycarbonate auger and the dual gears use stainless steel augers. There are many people who believe it is better to use stainless steel when preparing food. The dual gears usually have magnetic and bio-ceramic, far-infrared components to extend the storage life of juice.

Both types of masticating juicers will do wheat grass and leafy greens with the exception of the Champion juicers, as the speed of the auger is much too fast. The information about removing pesticides is somewhat true and is based on the fact that most pesticides reside in the pulp of the produce and that is the part that is expelled during the juicing process.

The best single gears are as follows:

The Samson 6-in-1 Juicer is the best value for your money – it will do wheat grass, leafy greens and fruits and vegetables. The Green Power Kempo is the best value in the dual gears. It is also the latest in the line of juicers designed by Mr. Kim of South Korea. It has three speeds and minimizes the foaming that is prevalent in many juicers. It also uses the far-infrared and magnetic components to extend the storage life of juice.

I suggest staying away from the Green Power Gold and the Green Star as they are the first juicers designed by Mr. Kim and are cumbersome and foam, foam, foam.

A word to fruit juicers – none of the masticating juicers will do the really pulpy fruits like Kiwi and cantaloupe as the pulp clogs the screens. All around if you want healthy fruit juice, then use a masticating juicer. For conveyance you can use the centrifugal and for those juicers I would recommend using : The Breville JE 95XL or 800 JEXL series – depending upon your budget. These will do whole pieces of produce.

The Omega 4000 with pulp ejection for those who do more than 4 glasses at a time. The Omega 1000 for 4 glasses and under as it uses filters which cuts down cleaning time and you can also add a citrus juicer attachment to this unit. For Citrus juicers I would recommend the new Breville electric citrus juicer press.

Hope this helps you pick the right juicer for your needs,


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