Drinking water in its most natural state; glacial, ionized, microclustered and alkaline, is as important as eating fruits and vegetables in their natural state, organic. Organic foods, primarily promoted by raw food advocates and the drinking of restructured water should go hand-in-hand. Glacial and restructured water is the “organic” form of water. Tap water and even most bottled water would be the processed, commercial and “inorganic” form of water. Why make an effort to consume organic foods and not “organic water.” Water is critical to life and incredibly abundant on earth. But how available is natural, clean water?

There are an estimated 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water on this planet. Not all of this water is potential fresh drinkable water. 97% of all this water covers 2/3 of the surface of the earth and is oceanic water, salt water. That leaves only 3% of all the water on the planet as fresh water and in fact 90% of this fresh water is locked up in polar ice-caps and glaciers. Only about 0.3% of all water on earth is currently available fresh water and almost all of this is located in natural underground aquifers. Less than 1 of every 5,000 liters of water on earth can be found as either surface or atmospheric fresh water. However, this seemingly minute fraction still represents an estimated total volume of more than 200,000 cubic kilometers. That’s enough water to cover all of Canada to a depth of 17 meters!

Yet, we pollute this precious water and make it even more scarce. We need to change our attitude and philosophy about the importance of keeping our water clean and pure, as we have done with the quality of our food, vis-à-vis, organic farming.

In the mean time we must optimize the drinkable water that we have available. One such technology is the use of water ionization which restructures water and returns it to its natural state.

Yours pHor Better Health,
Mr. Peter L. Kopko, D.C.
Chief Science Advisor

copyright 2009 


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