California’s Poison Strawberries


strawberry plant

Farmers in California are about to start contaminating your strawberries with what scientists call “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth.”

Methyl iodide is a known poison that’s so toxic scientists actually use it to grow cancer cells in lab settings
. It’s also been linked to miscarriages, thyroid and kidney disease, and numerous other health problems. But it was approved by California late last year for farmers to use as a pesticide on our food.

With peak fumigation season just weeks away, there’s little time to protect people from this poison. That’s why the Pesticide Action Network of North America started a petition on to ask Governor Jerry Brown to step in and revoke California’s approval for methyl iodide.

If methyl iodide can be used to grow cancer, California shouldn’t use it to grow food. Please sign the petition to tell Governor Jerry Brown to ban methyl iodide in California.

Three farms have already started fumigating their fields with methyl iodide. It’s likely that more farmers will start using this dangerous pesticide unless Governor Brown takes action immediately.

A group of scientists asked by California to study the risks of this poison reported that “there are no safe levels” for the use of methyl iodide. The state rejected its own scientists’ findings and approved the chemical anyway.

Farmworkers and nearby residents are the most at risk; as farmers use this poison, it could contaminate the air, soil, and water.

Governor Jerry Brown is the only person who can ban this poison from California’s farms and America’s food. After pressure from members and environmental groups, he promised to “take a fresh look” at methyl iodide. We don’t just need a “fresh look” — we need immediate action.

Sign the petition to Governor Brown and ask him to revoke approval of methyl iodide for California’s farms and food.

Thank you for taking action.