Fruit, Alkalinity, and the Raw Food Diet


fruit and alkalinity

As people transition to the raw and living food diet, they often turn to fruit to fill the space in their daily menus that sweets and processed carbohydrates once filled.  Fruit is delicious, filling, and contains healthy ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.  It also contains abundant natural sugars.  As you continue your raw and living food journey, you may wish to rethink the place of fruit in your diet and adjust it to enhance alkalinity and decrease the likelihood of problems such as Candida infections.

Natural Sugars and Candida

Candida albicans, also known as yeast, feeds upon sugar. A huge number of people in our society today suffer from an overgrowth of yeast whether they know it or not. Candida affects the entire body and can infect both men and women. People suffering from Candida infections may have mood swings, sugar cravings, brain fog, rashes, and other problems that diminish when they cut back on their sugar consumption and increase when they eat more sugar, including fruit.

That last part may surprise you, but the fact is that yeast doesn’t care what sugar it has access to nor does it care where the sugar comes from – it just needs sugar to survive.  You’ve probably eliminated white sugar and flour from your diet, two foods yeasts love.  However, chances are good that you’ve kept some other sweets in your diet including raw honey, dried and fresh fruits.

If you’ve suffered from recurrent yeast infections or blood microscopy reveals a yeast overgrowth, it’s time to get serious and cut back on the sweets entirely. A little treat now and then on holidays or birthdays won’t hurt you, but if every day becomes dessert day, you may be encouraging yeast overgrowth despite your ultra-healthy lifestyle.

Enhancing Alkalinity

Another drawback of eating too much raw honey, fresh and dried fruits is that each tends to enhance acidity rather than alkalinity. Alkalinity enhances health and creates an internal terrain favorable to health and healing while acidic conditions create an internal terrain favorable to infection and cell mutations. Acidity forces the body to use valuable minerals such as calcium to buffer the acidity, robbing bones and teeth of minerals they need to stay strong.

Lemons, limes and grapefruits are alkaline, but most other fruits are acidic, and honey certainly is acidic. Again, a little bit won’t hurt – but if consumed in excess or consumed daily, you may be creating an acidic, rather than an alkaline environment.

Bring Your Raw Food Lifestyle to a New Place

Those just transitioning to a raw, vegan lifestyle may find this discussion confusing.  After all, they have made great strides to give up the Western SAD diet filled with processed foods, flesh foods, dairy products and chemical additives.  Those who are new to raw, living foods should focus on daily steps to continue their raw food journey.  Over time, you may wish to limit fruit and honey consumption to boost health.

Others who have been eating raw for a long time may find that they’ve slipped into habits such as eating a sweet raw dessert every night that may not be conducive to good health.  If this statement speaks to you and you feel it is true, it may be that your heart is telling you to bring your raw, living food diet to a higher level. Focus on alkalizing greens, fresh vegetables, and juices, and avoid fruits except for lemons, limes and grapefruits for a week or two and see how you feel. If you feel even more renewed vigor, energy and health, it may be time to push your raw, living food diet to a higher place.  Some people can tolerate a lot of fruit, while others can’t. It’s up to you to test and see how your body feels on a higher percentage of alkaline foods.

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Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
Copyright 2011 All rights reserved