Raw Greens on the Go


raw greens on the go

So you’re in for a busy day today.  Do you have to trade off your raw food lifestyle or reach for the old standby, a piece of fruit, to have a portable snack? You can make and enjoy delicious raw food green smoothies for raw, alkaline and mineral rich goodness.  Pour it into your old travel coffee mug and you’re off and running!

The Benefits of Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are blended drinks made with leafy green vegetables, water or freshly squeeze juice, fruit and flavorings such as spices or natural sweeteners. There are many ways to make them, but they all begin with a base of liquid (water or juice) and greens.

Raw food diet followers have known of the benefits of green smoothies for years, but it wasn’t until Victoria Boutenko, an author, health professional and raw food expert created an experiment with green smoothies and wrote about it in her book Green for Life that people began understanding the true power of these drinks. Boutenko conducted an experiment under the auspices of a medical professional in which she prepared and distributed green smoothie drinks to a large group of people, then followed their health changes over time. The results were amazing.  Many people who have enjoyed green smoothies have lost astonishing amounts of weight, regained their health and more.  One fellow by the name of Klent Manich details his journey on the Green Smoothie blog and includes a ‘before’ photo showing him at his all-time high weight, over 440 pounds, and today at 197 pounds.  Clearly, an astonishing raw food transformation!

Blending the greens breaks down the rigid cell walls contained within the green, leafy vegetables, releasing the vital enzymes, chlorophyll and nutrients inside.  The blending action does this more effectively and efficiently than chewing greens because most people do not chew greens thoroughly.  Blending “chews” the greens for you!

How to Enjoy Green Smoothies

The basic recipe for green smoothies is very simple. The basic recipe consists of about 60% organic fruit and 40% organic leafy greens, mixed with water and natural flavors if you wish.  Raw People provides many excellent recipes to try.  A high speed blender creates a smooth concoction but even an inexpensive blender produces a palatable mix.

Recipes on Raw People to try:

•    Grateful Green Goddess Smoothie

•    Grape Goddess Smoothie

•    Blueberry Bliss

Greens on the Go

You can make a gallon of raw smoothies in the morning and take it in a thermos to work.  Or, make enough to fill your to-go cup and leave the rest in the fridge for later. Whatever you do, don’t skip your smoothie. It fills you up and gives your body great nutrition.  Enjoy!

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Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
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