Raw Food Benefit: Confidence


When you think of a benefit of a certain diet, does the word “confidence” come to mind? Probably not. I think back to all the diets I’ve been on in my lifetime, from commercial programs to self-help groups, from books to crazy fad diets girls at school circulated on badly mimeographed paper, and I don’t think the word confidence entered into my mindset at all.

Sure, I felt confident after losing weight. I once lost close to 40 pounds while actively participating in a self-help group. I felt so great that I ran out and bought new clothes. Problem was, I never changed the inner me, just the outer behaviors related to eating, and the weight crept back.

Why is it that eating a raw, vegan diet instills confidence? Part of it is indeed the improvements in our appearance. The many outward benefits of raw foods such as achieving a healthy, natural weight, glowing skin and sparkling eyes are certainly confidence-boosting attributes of a raw food diet.

Mental changes in how we view eating and our weight may also instill confidence. If eating was always a battle for you and choosing foods a tension-driven event, going raw may mean that some of that tension has dissipated.  Other aspects of a raw, living foods lifestyle support a gentle, loving attitude towards oneself which can also boost confidence.

There’s also a strong connection between what we eat and our moods. People joke about grabbing a chocolate bar to perk their moods up or reaching for comfort foods when they’re feeling down, but it’s very true that food choices can significantly impact moods. Giving up sugar that feeds Candida yeast can also remove some of the shaky, anxious feelings people mistake for true fear; yeast overgrowth can do strange things to moods.

Making positive, healthy choices in your life is indeed helpful to boosting self-confidence. Whenever you step outside your comfort zone and take steps towards a goal, with each small step you build your confidence inch by inch.  Every time you choose a raw salad for lunch, a green smoothie for a snack, a walk instead of a movie, you’re choosing and embracing a healthy new you.

One of the most interesting aspects of building confidence is that it’s a positive feedback loop. With each step you take, you build up your confidence, which in turn inspires you to take another positive step. It’s like climbing a big flight of stairs. With every step, you’re closer to your goal and you’re making progress, so that inspires you to climb even higher.

Sometimes the goal feels very out of reach. I remember as a child taking a family trip to the Statue of Liberty. The base alone on the statue is several stories high and the statue is enormous. We wanted very much to go to the top to see the view but the line for the elevators was long.  We began climbing the stairs to the top. How far it seemed! Even though we couldn’t really see our progress, with every step we took we got closer and closer to the goal, the crown of the statue and the view of New York City.  What a feeling of achievement when we finally stepped close to the windows and viewed the magnificent skyline.

That’s what I wish for you – achieving the crown in your raw food journey, or climbing to the top.  Even if you can’t see it yet, you’re building your confidence with every passing day.  Enjoy the journey.

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Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
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