Raw Food Benefit: Improved Memory


One of the surprising benefits of eating raw foods is how it improves memory.  If you constantly forget things…if you’ve got not one but ten strings tied around your fingers to remind you to do something (but you still forget to do it) then maybe increasing your intake or raw, living foods can help.

Raw Food Rescue: Fruit

The old wives’ tale says that fish is brain food, but fresh, raw fruit first thing in the morning is actually the most abundant source of the brain’s “food” – glucose – in an easily assimilated form. If you start your day with low-glycemic fresh, organic fruit in the morning, you’re fueling with fructose, which the body easily transforms in glucose, the food your brain needs to function. This clears away the cobwebs faster than a double mocha latte – without the caffeine jolt and harsh treatment of your adrenal glands, too!

High Chlorophyll Foods Improve Oxygen Transportation

Have you ever been in a room where the oxygen level was low? I don’t mean so low it compromised your safety – few of us, thank goodness, will ever go through that. I mean a room such as a packed classroom or lecture hall with closed windows. You may feel sleepy and forgetful. That can happen when oxygen levels fall or your body doesn’t get enough oxygen.

Some raw food experts believe that the high amount of chlorophyll contained in green, leafy vegetables and wheat grass juice helps with oxygen transportation within the cells. This may result in improved oxygen to the brain, another possible reason raw foods improve memory.

Memory Enhancement: Better Nutrition, Better Gray Cells

In addition to fuel, the brain needs various nutrients to remain healthy. Good nutrition affects every part of the body. The macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in raw foods build healthy new cells in all parts of the body, including the brain. Organic and unprocessed foods also reduce the amount of toxins living cells are exposed to, including the brain.

Raw foods also contribute to a healthy colon, and new research shows that the colon may be even more closely connected to the brain that once thought. The saying “I’ve got a gut feeling about that” may be more true than you think. Scientists now believe that as much as 95% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut, rather than the brain as previously thought. A healthy colon may mean a happy person by improving the levels of serotonin in the body. Is it any stretch of the imagination to believe that other important chemicals that regulate mood and memory may also be affected by the foods we eat?

The Proof Is in the Remembering

Anecdotal evidence isn’t scientific evidence of course, but it bears watching. As I sat down to chat with Katy Joy via email about the topics we wanted to address this month, she gracefully reminded me that I had to write this article. I had forgotten it and ironically, I’d forgotten a similar thing last month too.  Now Katy Joy as you know eats almost entirely a raw food diet whereas I eat approximately 50% of my diet as raw, living foods. You can’t go by one person, of course, but every single person I know who lives the raw food life has abundant energy and a memory like a steel trap. They remember everything! Considering that my own desk is littered with notes scribbled on scrap paper and Post It notes stuck everywhere to remind me of various tasks,  I think I’d better increase my quotient of raw foods too and see if it helps my memory!


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Written by:  Jeanne Grunert
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