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What’s for Breakfast?

January 16, 2011
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A wonderful muscian and friend of ours, Scott Huckabay (the guitar alchemyst), was passing through town and stayed with us for a few days.  He is such an inspiring person and has this contageous child-like way about him that really brightened my busy work week.  He graced us with some of his new songs and I felt so happy and free and lost in the music when he played.  Check him out at

So why the title: What’s for Breakfast? When Scott was here, he fell in love with my homemade granola.  I told him I would type out the recipe for him and then thought some of you may like to have it as well.  In the winter months it is nice to have some heartier recipes on hand.  This crunchy granola is satisfying and so delicious.  We had it with almond milk and fresh blueberries.  It is really fun to make and much less expensive than buying it in the stores.  I like to keep the sugar content down as well, so by making it at home you have more control over what goes in it!

Granola Crunch Cereal

Note:  You will need a dehydrator for this delicious cereal

  • 2 cups soaked and sprouted oat groats (buckwheat)
  • 2 cup soaked and sprouted quinoa
  • 1 ½ cup almonds – soaked 8 hours
  • 1 ½ cup walnuts – soaked 8 hours
  • 1 ½ cup shredded coconut
  • 1 cup currants
  • ½ cup chia seeds
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • 1 tablespoon coconut nectar or agave – optional

Directions: Mix sprouted oat groats and quinoa in a large mixing bowl.  Stir in cinnamon, salt, vanilla, and coconut nectar.  Mix well.  Spread on teflex sheets and place on dehydrator sheets.  Dehydrate for 24 hours on 105 degrees.  Dehydrate almonds and walnuts on separate mesh dehydrator sheet until very crunchy (approx. 2 days).  Chop the nuts once after removing from the dehydrator.  Once the dehydrating is finished, transfer all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix well.  Store in a glass jar.  Serve with fresh fruit of your choice and almond milk.

Note:  You can add/delete anything you desire.  I like to substitute sprouted pumpkin and sunflower seeds from time to time.  It is also nice to add different kinds of dried fruits.  Have fun and experiment.  It is so crunchy and good.

Have a wonderful week,

Katy Joy

The Joy Of Sprouting

December 29, 2010
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Hello My Raw Food Friends! 

Seems like a long time since I have posted a blog.  I guess you could say I took a Holiday Sabbatical to entertain family and friends as well as keep up with the demands of my work as a psychotherapist.  This can be a tough time of year for many and I am so grateful for the positive outlook on life I get from fueling myself with lots of fresh green foods!  Of course the time spent exercising, meditating, practicing yoga, mindfulness and other self care activities help too.  It all works together. 

I was thinking about my Raw Food Journey for 2010.  What an adventure it has been.  Rick and I kicked off 2010 in Maui with the Raw Spirit Festival folks.  I am coming on my fourth year of eating mostly live foods.  I learned a lot and discovered more about the needs of my body.  One of my greatest joys this year in food preparation was getting more consistent with sprouting.   It is so easy and uncomplicated!  You can sprout anywhere and just need a large glass jar with a mesh top or cheese cloth.  You can also use a sprouting bag, but I just love the jar method. 

Spouting has become an integral part of my daily life.  I have anywhere from one to five kinds of sprouts going at a time.  They spruce up my salads and create such a feeling of well being when I eat them.  To see the food liven up right in front of me and to taste the amazing life force in the sprouts just fascinates me.  They truly are a great way to maximize your health and vitality!  Enzymes are activated when you sprout.  They are easier for us to digest and the nutrients bring harmony and balance to our system.  As you have probably heard by now, cooked foods destroy this balance because the molecular design of nutrients are broken down. 

Why Sprout?  Sprouts are alive and vibrant!  According to Anne Wigmore, in her book, The Sprouting Book, one of the most important nutrient compounds contained in spouts is chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is a protein compound found in green plants, including sprouts with green leaves (alfalfa, cabbage,clover, sunflower, and radish, etc).  Plants create and store carbohydrate energy as a result of the sun’s effect on their leaves; a process called photosynthesis.  This energy is readily available in green spouts which heals and regenerates our cells!  Very exciting.  Chlorophyll also helps build up the red blood cell content of the bloodstream.

Anne Wigmore further suggests that spouts are beneficial for controlling cancer, losing weight, improving your sex life, and slowing down the aging process.  That is enough to sell me on them!  For more details on this, I highly recommend you read her book: The Sprouting Book.

When people come over to our home they are always captivated by our sprouting area and tell me they are inspired to go home and start sprouting.  They love all the ways it makes a meal come alive and tell me they feel so good after eating the sprouts.

I used to be so intimidated by the process until I started doing it and realized how easy it was.  Start small.  Get some alfalfa or radish sprouts and soak a couple of tablespoons in a jar for the day.  Drain that night and then rinse twice a day until they grow; place them in a dark area.  Around day five, they will look almost ready. Place them in a sunny window on the last day and they will turn green.  Remove from the jar and store in the fridge.  Lentils, mung beans, garbanzo beans, buckwheat, quinoa, etc.  take much less time to sprout.

Right now I am spouting buckwheat to make some bread, some alfalfa sprouts to go on salads and other meals, mung beans for salads, and red lentils to sprinkle on soups and salads.  It is so much fun!

I hope you will take the effort to start incorporating sprouts into your weekly routine.  They really do help you feel your best.

Peace to you all!

Katy Joy – The Joyful Sprouter!


November 20, 2010
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I met a wonderful woman , Linda Sperl, while visiting Maya Tulum this past February.  We have kept in touch and given each other book suggestions and words of encouragement.  She is a very compassionate and thoughtful friend.  Linda teaches yoga and writes to her students about meditation and important things in life. She shared a recent writing of hers this past week and she was graceful enough to let me share it with you all.
Resetting Our Winter Buttons
                                          Contributed by:  Linda Sperl
“I recently read that instructions for living through the next few months should be simple. Winter is approaching and nature tells us that it is natural to slow down and become quiet and introspective. Yet, as we approach the holiday season, it seems that for many of us, the exact opposite becomes true. Our daily to-do lists begin to become filled with frenetic shopping for holiday foods and gifts, rushing to meet deadlines, overextending our social commitments, skipping regular meals, and perhaps taking in those extra cups of coffee just to keep up the pace. It is no wonder that by the time the holidays do arrive, we are drained, tired, and cranky. We have overworked ourselves into such a state that we have lost our opportunity to enjoy and relax into the quiet and tranquil season of winter.
As the season of winter approaches, please join me in initiating a to-do list makeover. Allow your body, mind, and spirit to naturally follow the inclinations of their natural winter states. Here are a few suggestions that may get you started on resetting your winter buttons:

1. Rest more– Although we may feel that we don’t have the time to take brief pauses in our day, rest is imperative. A short, daily cat –nap, 10 minutes of viparita karani (legs up the wall), or stopping to drink a hot, soothing cup of tea are all simple and manageable techniques that can greatly benefit and refuel our energy reserves. It is interesting to note that the idea of a coffee or tea “to go” is relatively unknown in many other countries. Stop, breathe, and enjoy.

2. Prepare and eat warm, nourishing meals– Winter gently reminds us that comforting, warm foods allow our bodies to sustain the cold weather season. Preparing warm oatmeal, hot soups, and stews are wonderful antidotes during the cold and flu season. Making big batches of soups can also free up time during the rest of the week. Set the ambiance. Enjoy selecting fresh ingredients. Play soothing music. Become mindful during food preparation. Notice the chopping, stirring, and aromas. Resist answering/talking on the phone or checking your e-mail while cooking and eating. Eat your meals with a grateful heart.
3. Practice yoga Sometimes, the colder season makes us feel like not doing much of anything physically. The good news is that winter is yin season which can mean a quieter, softer practice. Poses may be held for longer periods of time and stretches are gentler and more restorative. Continuing to practice our yoga and gentle movements during these long, dark months benefit, not only our bodies, but our states of mind. Breathe and allow the practice of yoga to nurture and sustain your body, mind, and spirit throughout the season.
4. Enjoy winter’s nature Don’t let the cold keep you indoors for the next few months! Go outside and enjoy the beauty of the season! There are many winter days that are perfect for walks in nature. Have you recently visited Morton’s Bird Sanctuary in Sag Harbor where sweet, little birds will land in the palm of your hand with the promise of a seed? Or the ocean or bay on a sunny afternoon? How about an evening walk with the brilliance of a thousand stars above or a stroll through freshly fallen snow? A connection with nature can reset our winter buttons and freshen our perspective on the season. Practice this regularly to keep your body and soul connected to the earth.
5. Go inward-Winter is often considered the most reflective time of year. Consider getting in touch with feelings and thoughts through the practice of journaling. Or begin to sit for meditation for 5-10 minutes everyday. Why not melt away the day with a warm bath before bed? Noticing our thoughts and feelings and allowing them to pass through us can improve our attitudes and our spirits and allow us to move through this season with a lightness of being and a warm heart.

Re-choosing how to enter this season has become an exploratory exercise in self-inquiry. I am suddenly looking forward to my re-vamped to-do list. So, I ask you, what does your to-do list make-over look like?

Wishing you an abundance of blessings this winter season. Namaste”

Thank you Linda for your wonderful words of wisdom!

If your plan is to stay totally raw and you are wondering how to make the hot meals Linda talks about, consider investing in a dehydrator if you don’t already have one.  It is truly the raw foodists oven!  You can also slighly heat raw soups and still preserve the “liveness” by keeping the temp under 110 degrees. 

Take time to slow down this Holiday Season and take very good care of yourself and appreciate your friends and family by just being present with them!

Katy Joy

Live Blood Analysis Adventure

November 15, 2010
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Rick and I had a heart-to-heart talk today about our raw food journey and took some time to evaluate how we are doing with our diet.  We both felt we were “slipping” a bit and brought more awareness to all the ways we have been rationalizing this behavior.  We both have stressful jobs and like many others out there, we tend to use food for comfort.  We have been adding in more cooked foods lately and the soups have led to vegan meals out at restaurants which have led to more and more “exceptions” to what we normally consume.  I felt I needed to remind myself why I am choosing to eat a mostly raw vegan diet and to get back on track.

As fate would have it a friend called shortly after my talk with Rick and told me there was an opportunity to get a free live blood cell analysis today from a local N.D. who was training someone in this area.  Rick and I were grateful for the timing and hopped in the car to the appointment.  I had this weird feeling that my body wanted to deepen my understanding about how important it is to take very good care of myself – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It was a humbling experience to see what was going on with my blood.  As expected, there were issues with yeast (due to eating too many things with sugar, including fruit).  My blood told me many things today.  I was given some wonderful guidance on what to do to get my blood looking better.  Rick had a similar experience.  We were both reminded to spend more time nurturing ourselves and will be taking some time this week to consider how we can modify our daily schedules to add in more down time.

There are so many different opinions about how to eat for optimal health.  I do my best to make healthy choices, but lately I have let my emotions influence me in negative ways when it comes to eating.  My blood told me that I need to make some changes.  So what will I do?  Am I willing to cut the sugar and once and for all get a handle on this addiction?  Will I discipline myself to cut out the foods that are creating an acidic and unhealthy environment for my cells?  I surely hope so.  I have admit that I was a bit afraid I could not do it.  I almost felt like crying when I saw some of the things my cells were doing.  I feel like I work so hard to make time to prepare my meals and watch what I eat.  The reality is that I need to go a bit deeper into my commitment and listen to what my blood is telling me.  I have some candida issues to clear up and some more work to do on getting a grip on emotional eating.

Rick is so great.  He said “honey, see this as an adventure; we will do what we need to do and then get our blood tested again in three months and feel good about all the changes we made.”  He then added “treat this as if your life depended on it.”  He is right.   I met someone this past week who has a very serious case of tourettes and knows that when they change their diet and cut out processed foods, their tics subside.  They also shared that life was not worth living if they had to cut out the foods they loved.  We all respond differently to matter of food and our health.  Food addiction is a serious and complicated issue to get a grip on.  I have had struggles with food addictions since I was a young girl.  I know that once I get my body cleaned out and really follow a diet of mostly greens and other alkaline forming foods my mind, body, and spirit will be in balance. 

Things I will be doing to go deeper into my commitment to optimal health:

1.  Do more green juices during the day and delete fruit from them until my blood shows me I do not have issues with yeast.  This means I will be cleaning out the kitchen and giving away the tempting fruits and other items on hand that contain sugar.  Clear away the temptation!

2.  Stick to alkaline grains:  quinoa, buckwheat, spelt (I am soaking them as we speak so I can sprout them and enjoy on salads and make a cereal with them).

3.  Hydrate more – I think I drink a lot of water, but I have been slacking off and it showed up in my blood.

4.  Start drinking chlophyll  – at least 4oz per day to improve the health of my blood.

5.  I will be getting some more blood work done to see if I have any issues going on as my blood indicated I may have slight anemia and some other issues.

6. Take more time to do nurturing things for myself each day.

7.  Meditate and see my cells round, separated, healthy, and happy!

The challenge begins.  The Holidays are here and I am going to be cutting out more and more of what most of us add in during this time of year.  It’s up to me.  One day at a time I can do this!

Hope you are all well!  Drink lots of green juices and water!!!!

Katy Joy

Energy Buzz Bars or Balls

October 17, 2010
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Fall is upon us and it seems to get cooler by the day.  If your goal is to eat raw foods during the cooler months, investing in a dehydrator is a great idea as you can make some heartier meals and snacks that are very satisfying.  It is the raw foodists’ oven!!!

Here is my new favorite breakfast and/or snack bar.  If you do not have a dehydrator, you can follow the non-dehydrator directions and make energy buzz balls instead.  Remember, there are always options with your food prepping and every area of your life.  Have fun, play, experiment, and keep enjoying the journey.

Much love,

Katy Joy

Energy Buzz Bars

These bars are great for breakfast on the go, travelling, or an afternoon pick-me-up snack.  They are also good in the cooler months, as they are hearty and satisfying.

(Makes approximately 12 bars)


  • ½ cup flax seed – grind in high speed blender
  • 1 cup raw brazil nuts
  • ½ cup hemp seeds
  • ½ cup raw sunflower seeds
  • 1 cup raw oats
  • 1 cup raisons or currents or any dried fruit you prefer (I like to mix cranberries, currents, cherries, etc)
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Dash or two of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ – ½ cup agave or maple syrup to sweeten

As Always, play with the ingredients and add/delete as you see fitting for your taste buds!!!!

Directions:Blend ground flax seeds, brazil nuts, and sunflower seeds in a food processor with the S blade for about 30 seconds.  Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until a doughy consistency forms.  If you have a dehydrator then transfer mixture onto a teflex dehydrator sheet and spread out into a large square about ½ inch thick.  Place in dehydrator on 110 degrees overnight or 8-9 hours.  Flip and continue dehydrating for approximately 2 more hours or until firm.  If you like a crunchy bar, then leave in longer.  Cut into desired sized rectangular bars and enjoy!  They will keep well in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks or you can freeze for up to 3 months.

***Decadent Idea:  If you want to have some fun with this bar, spread your favorite nut butter on top and enjoy with a cold glass of nut milk!  You can even put bananas on top of the nut butter for a very yummy breakfast!

Non-dehydrator directions.  After the all the ingredients are well mixed, simply make balls.  I suggest about one tablespoon of the mixture per energy ball.  Refrigerate for an hour to firm before serving.  These freeze well to help them last longer.

By:  Katy Joy

Doing What Works!

October 13, 2010
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Hi Everyone,

It’s hard to believe a month has almost passed since I last posted.  Time seems to just be going by so quickly.  We had a beautiful stream of warm weather and I just had to get outside and stroll the beach, hike the hills, and watch the birds as much as possible in my free time.  I must admit it is very draining for me to sit in an office during the week so getting myself to sit down and post can be a challenge when it is nice outside.  Anyway, it is good to be back with you.  I hope your raw food journey is going well and that you are enjoying the apples and persimmons and other seasonal fruits and vegetables in your area. 

After having an influx of very physically ill individuals visit my office lately (they have become very depressed and anxious about their health issues and their primary care doctors have sent them for counseling), I am once again reminded why I take the extra time to prepare fresh fruits and veggies for myself and my husband.  I feel great and love the way raw foods consistently energize me and help me sustain excellent health.  I love my active lifestyle and feel grateful for the balance I have created in my life.  I am happy and fulfilled.

Last month I had the great priviledge of starting a new group at our clinic called “Doing What Works.”   For an hour and a half every Thursday afternoon I challenge a group of brave individuals to set aside their limited thinking and open themselves up to the possiblities that await them.  They are asked to only focus on solutions to an issue they want to work on.  The principles of the group are simple, yet very powerful and can easily be applied to any area of your life, including food habits and other aspects of the raw food lifestyle.  If you are having a problem and feel stuck, try out these principles and see what happens.

Doing What Works Principles:

1.  Clarify the problem: What’s the trouble?  What are you wanting to change?  Be specific and choose one thing to work on at a time.  It’s hard to make a change if you keep things unclear and too general.

2.  Do more of what is working.  If you are doing something that is helping improve the identified area of your life, do more of it!  Or maybe you have done things that work, but have strayed away from it.  Get back to it!

3.  If something is not working stop doing it.  Find others things to do instead.  Many of us try new things, but forget to stop the behaviors that are not working. 

After reviewing the principles, I lead the group in a guided visualization each week that has them imagine a future where their problem does not exist. They notice what is different and it is a very detailed experience.  Each week has a slight variation, but they are always imagining a future without the problem.  After that we have a group discussion and go over individual areas of concern and generate solutions.  It has been a very positive experience for us all.

For me, I really want to put more effort into decreasing my food intake at night.   I just finished reading Discourses on the Sober Life by Luigi Cornaro and was intrigued by the idea of his idea of what a sober life is:  someone who does not overeat!  I seem to do just fine during the day, but when I come home and relax, I want to comfort eat and it is a bad habit I have gotten into.  Discourses on the Sober Life emphasizes the importance of decreasing the amount of food we eat so our bodies can easily digest the food and our energies can be used to restore and heal the body on an on-going basis.  It’s a story of a man who was very ill and was given a very poor prognosis of survivial as a young man.  He changed how he ate and he healed.  He then defied the prognosis and lived into his hundreds! 

I am going to use the Doing What Works Principle’s to generate some solutions to decrease my late night eating.  What would you like to work on?

I sincerely hope this finds you well.  Let me know if you have any topics you would like me to address.

In Peace,

Katy Joy

How to Increase Your Energy Level!

September 18, 2010
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One of the fun benefits of eating mostly living foods and engaging in a healthy lifestyle is INCREASED ENERGY.

Until recently, I felt amazing energized on a daily basis.  I relied on this energy to carry me through my intense week of serving others in a mental health setting and loving myself and others in my life.    So when my energy levels began to fluctuate I was confused about what was going on.  I went through a period where I was finding myself a bit fatigued and run down.  How could this happen?  I was exercising, eating lots of live foods, staying hydrated, meditating, practicing yoga, etc.

It was not pleasant dealing with this at the time, but  now I find myself very grateful for the gift I received from the fatigue.  It gave me an opportunity to do some personal investigation.  It was a time to go within and deeply tune into myself to find some answers.   As is most cases, there was not one reason for this loss of energy.  I discovered several things going on.  I want to share my personal findings in hopes they will offer some ideas for any of you struggling with a loss of energy.  We are full of infinite wisdom.  We have all the answers we need.  It just takes a little time to settle down and listen to ourselves.

Top 3 reasons why my energy levels were not even:

1.  Poor pacing: I sometimes find that my raw food diet gives me so much energy that I extend myself too much and forget about appropriately pacing myself.  Even if we have lots of energy, it is important to take breaks, to make time to do “nothing,” etc.

My Solutions to poor pacing:

  • I got back into writing out my intentions for each week and wrote out my priorities.  I looked at the big picture and made better decisions about what to say “Yes” and “No” to.
  • I began to pause more during the day and not take on so many things at once.  I got back into starting my day with my meditation practice which seemed to help me set a more peaceful tone for the day.
  • I increased the amount of yoga during the week as being on the mat seems to release the chaotic energy and gets me deeply centered and peaceful.

2.  Hormonal change in my body: I realized that some of my symptoms were due to peri menopausal issues.  Eating a live food diet can significantly reduce these symptoms, but the reality for me was that the hormonal changes in my body have been creating some fluctuations in my mood and energy level.

Solutions to my hormonal issues:

  • After some research on natural ways to regulate moods I decided to start taking:  folliculinum 30c (liquid homeopathic for emotions) and Estrovera tabs by Metagenics for my physical symptoms.
  • Started going to bed earlier.  I am working on getting to bed by 10pm every night.  I am making good progress, but need to develop this habit!
  • I started getting b-12 and b-6 shots every week!  It took a few weeks, but I am really noticing some positive changes in my mood and energy level return after taking these shots.  A local ND has her nurses give the shots at local health food stores.
  • I started drinking some water mixed with a heaping tablespoon of HealthForce nutritionals (greens) first thing in the morning.  This product can be used in place of your multivitamins.  I feel terrific and just love how I feel when I start my day this way!
  • I started talking to other women about hormonal changes  and doing more research about it.  Just getting more education is therapeutic.  I don’t buy into everything I read, but it has given me some ideas on how to help myself naturally.    I will be writing more about this in future blog entries.
  • Increased my self care activities:  skin brushing, doing face masks, stretching at night before bed, using fun essential oils to relax me, more time looking at the flowers and birds in my backyard, etc..
  • Started doing some energy medicine exercises recommended by Donna Eden in her book:  Energy Medicine for Women – great resource!!!
  • I started listening to kirtan and inspirational music again.  This seems to lift my spirit and gets me dancing at times.  Singing and moving shifts our mood in very meaningful ways!

3.  Engaging in negative self talk:  As things got busier at work and as I saw my husband more stressed out, I started engaging in more negative self talk.  I got lazy with my discipline of mindfully choosing my inner thoughts and they began to influence me in negative ways!

Solutions to negative self talk:

  • I began to listen to an affirmation CD on my runs and in the car on the way to work.
  • I started listening to CD’s on lectures about healthy ways to manage stress and how to increase happiness in our lives.
  • I began to journal and use my Angel affirmation cards and other positive affirmation cards.
  • I reached out to my happiness buddy, Michelle, on a regular basis.  We sent little encouraging messages to each other daily and talked briefly on the phone from time to time and helped each other laugh.
  • I started a new group at work called:  “Doing What Works” which has challenged me to focus on solutions rather than on what it wrong.  I had been putting off starting this group and decided to just make it happen.  I have seen the positive impact this group has had on others and it has gotten me out of my slump at work.
  • I realized that I need to do more to spiritually protect myself from all of the negative energy I am around during the day at work.  I now do some energy medicine exercises recommended by Donna Eden in her book, Energy Medicine.  I have also been using some wonderful sprays by a new company : – they make amazing sprays designed to help in every area of your life.  I am using one that helps healers stay protected and clears space.  It has been very helpful at work.
  • I have been engaging in my loving-kindness meditations again.  I simply put my hand over my heart and say to myself:  May I know peace and the root of all peace; may I know love and root of all love; may I know happiness and the root of all happiness; may I feel safe and secure and calm.  I then extend this blessing to my husband and others in my life.

As I mentioned above, I am grateful for the temporary moodiness and fluctuation in my energy level because I learned some valuable lessons about pacing myself, tuning into the needs of my body, and the discipline of positive self talk.

If you are having any struggles with your energy level, I highly recommend you take some time out to do some of your own investigating.  We are so intelligent and know what we need.  We just need to take the time to listen and act on what we learn from ourselves.

I hope you are drinking lots of water, consuming yummy organic greens and fresh fruits and veggies.  Be well and know I am here if you need some encouragement on your raw journey!

In peace and love,

Katy Joy

Taking Time To Pause

September 1, 2010
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 One of the wonderful benefits of practicing Mindfulness is slowing down more during each day to fully experience the moment at hand.  This sounds simple but is not always easy to do for those of us with busy schedules.  Consciously pausing is an art that needs to be cultivated.  It is a time to intentionally stop and breathe deeply, thus preventing negative thoughts and feelings from building.  With one mindful breath we can release negativity, accept a difficult situation, detach from an outcome and create room for more love and joy to fill our being.  It takes us out of automatic pilot mode.  We become more aware of what we are thinking, feeling, seeing, smelling, and hearing.  When we are living in the present and each experience is enhanced. 

 So how can we get in the habit of pausing more during our day?

  • Put a post it note on your computer, car steering wheel, calendar, or some other object you look at throughout your day that reminds you to periodically pause and get centered back in the moment.
  • Set your phone or watch alarm to go off every hour as a reminder to stop and breath and tune into how you are doing.
  • Pause before each meal and give thanks for the food and use the moment to be fully present with yourself and your surroundings.
  • Use a “Meaning To Pause” bracelet! – see below

 I recently came across a new company called:  Meaning To Pause (  They have created bracelets that vibrate every 90 minutes to remind you to get back into the moment.  I wear mine daily and have found it very useful to enhance my Mindfulness Practice.  I set an intention in the morning and when my bracelet vibrates, I pause, take a deep breath, give thanks for my day, and remind myself to focus on my intention.  I also take a moment to send loving thoughts to my husband.  He wears one of the bracelets as well and we have them synchronized to go off at the same time.  It is our way of staying silently connected throughout the day apart.  Just looking down at the bracelet is a reminder to stay focused on the moment and not get caught up in the past or future.

 I find that eating raw foods and living a more disciplined life than many others around me requires that I find creative ways to keep myself on track.  I am grateful for companies like Meaning To Pause as they have given me a very fun way to bring myself back to the moment during my busy days.  It’s a time when I have a mini check in with myself to see if I am choosing thoughts, feelings, and foods that serve my highest good for that moment. 

 I encourage you to find some way to pause more during your day and see what you notice!  I know you will reap incredible blessings just as I have.

 May you be well and happy in this moment!

 Katy Joy Freeman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Noticing How Your Food Makes You Feel

August 28, 2010
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I decided to have a cooked vegan meal for lunch today.  Rick and I were out and about and it sounded good to have someone else prepare my meal! 

It did not take long for me to notice how different I felt eating a cooked lunch versus my usual raw meal.  I felt tired and noticed that my stomach ached a bit.  Part of it was that I ate too much!  I noticed I was full, but kept eating anyway.  One of these days I know I will have enough discipline to stop before I get too full.  It is just a habit that needs to be broken and I can do it!

I am okay with eating cooked foods.  I do not feel “bad” when I do.  The issue is that I just don’t feel as energized and clear.  Today was just another great reminder to me that I feel better when I eat fresh live foods.  I am excited to make my next meal a raw one!

Every day is an opportunity to experiment.  What are you noticing about your food habits these days?  How are you feeling after you eat?  Are you eating too much or too little?  Are you paying attention to what makes you feel energized and happy?  Are you eating out of stress or late at night to comfort yourself?

Paying attention is the first step in knowing what changes you can make to feel the best you can.


Katy Joy

Raw Meals on the Go!

August 15, 2010
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Raw Meals of The Go!

When it comes to maintaining a raw food diet, attitude and pre-planning are key elements to your success.  It can become very easy to say “it’s too hard to do this at work”  or “I just don’t have time to eat raw foods when I am on the go and very busy”  Trust me, I know the challenges of this lifestyle and I also know the amazing rewards of sticking with it.  Don’t give up if you have been feeling discouraged. We all slip back into old negative eating habits from time-to-time, but it is never too late to get back on the wagon and re strategize.

My AttitudeI can do this!

My StrategyPlan ahead!

There are certain days of the week that I bring breakfast, lunch, and dinner to work.  Most of meals are all raw.  How do I do this?  I use time on the weekend to map out my week and I take a few extra minutes the night before or in the am to get things ready to go.  I have an insulated lunch bag that I put ice packs in, and load it up before I head out for my daily adventure.  What goes in that magic bag?

  • Pre-made salads loaded with leafy green, sprouts, and other veggies
  • Nuts and seeds (I try to limit this, but a handful here and there can be a life saver)
  • Veggie slices
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Pre-made raw treats (see recipes below for examples)
  • Green smoothies

I like variety and simplicity.  I try to have different kinds of salads and make different kinds of snacks in the dehydrator or just fresh things.  Sometimes I will take nori sheets and roll my salads in it – especially sprout or chopped broccoli salads.  I make chick pea veggie patties, mock taco “meat,” soups, etc.  The key is to make sure you have lots of fresh ingredients on hand.  Before the work week begins I plan out a few things and make some foods ahead of time (see recipes below as an example).  With any extra veggies, I juice them and have energizing green drinks to take on the way to work.  Like anything worthwhile, you have to take the time and effort to create the habit of allowing time to prepare your foods.

The picture I have included is an example of a typical day where I packed up some lunch and dinner to go.   For lunch I have a nice mixed green salad with sprouts and kim chi.   For dinner I have some 4-seed savory onion bread that I topped with fresh tomato and sprouts and some chick pea veggie patties I made ahead of time.  I also have a couple of raw lemon raspberry cookies for a snack.  Of course, I also pack up lots of water ionized alkaline water and drink that in between meals.

I hope this information helps.  Please write to me if you have any specific questions on how to eat raw on the go.

In Peace and Love,

Katy Joy

Oatmeal Raison Breakfast Cookies

Makes approximately 15 cookies

  • 1 cup steel cut oats – soaked overnight, then drained
  • 2 cups raw oats
  • 6 dates – pitted
  • 2 ½ organic bananas
  • Dash or two of Himalayan salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ – ¾ cup organic raisons
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts – optional
  • 1 tablespoon agave – optional

Directions: Mix bananas, steel cut oats, and dates in food processor with S blade for about 40 seconds.  Add salt, cinnamon, and vanilla and blend for a few more seconds.  Transfer batter to a large mixing bowl and stir in oats, raisons, and walnuts.  Add agave if you want a sweeter cookie.

Place heaping tablespoon of the batter on the mesh dehydrator sheet and gently mold into desired cookie shape.  Dehydrate overnight at 105 degrees.

Note: To Make “Chunky Monkey” Breakfast Cereal, break up three cookies and place in cereal bowl.  Add banana slices and almond milk.  This is a favorite of my husbands!

Blueberry Banana Yogurt Snack

  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • 1 medium avocado
  • ¼ cup coconut water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/8 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon agave
  • 2 probiotic capsules
  • 1-2 tablespoons chia seeds

Directions: Place all ingredients except probiotic powder and chia seeds in high-speed blender.  Mix for 20 seconds.  Transfer to glass bowl and mix chia seeds.  Break open probiotic capsules and mix in powder.  Stir well, cover, and refridgerate until ready to eat.  Best if eaten within 1-2 days.

4-Seed Savory Onion Bread

  • 2 large onions – sliced thin then cut up
  • ¾ cup raw sunflower seeds (Go Raw brand is already sprouted and seasoned with sea salt and they work great)– ground in Life Blender or food processor
  • ¾ cup raw pumpkin seeds (Go Raw brand is already sprouted and seasoned with sea salt and they work great)– ground in a Life Blender or food processor
  • ¾ cup flax seed – ground in Life Blender or food processor
  • ¼ cup black sesame seeds
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons granulated onion powder
  • ¾ cup nama shoyu

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.  I find it takes at least 5 minutes to really get the job done.  Wet hands with warm water and divide batter into 4 equal parts.  Place each pile on a teflex dehydrator sheet.  Shape into a large square until about ¼ inch thick.  Dehydrate for 24 hours on 105 degrees, then flip and dehydrate for another 8 hours.  Can go longer if you want crisp bread.