Stomach Share

stomach shareLast week's newsletter touched on the subject of what kind of food that we were engineered to eat.  Before we go further into how we should be eating, it is imperative to address issues that are occurring in the food industry and our need to protect ourselves.
First, it must be understood that the food industry's job is to sell food and the more they sell the greater their profits are. The food industry competes for something that is called "Stomach Share."  The motivation is not to produce healthy food but to produce food that through marketing, taste and emotion will induce people to consume their products over and over and over again.
Scientists use a term called "Palatability" which means something different scientifically than we would think that it means. To scientists, "Palatability" means the capacity to stimulate the appetite and prompt people to eat more. Through the taste component, the motivation to pursue the taste is used to motivate repeat consumption on a regular and frequent basis.
To accomplish this, the goal is to create foods that are addicting and the food manufactures know exactly what are the most powerful substances to create these food addictions.

Here are some of the things that have occurred.

•    Over the last 40 years food has become more readily available, with larger portions, more chain restaurants and a culture that is promoting more out of the home eating.

•    Advertisements abound in the eating experience in which the advertisers show the fun, joy, happiness and socializing to be the desired goals rather than eating to obtain fuel and supply the body with healthy substances.

•    To accomplish this, the food industry has mastered methods of using sugar, fat and salt in very specific layering techniques that promotes the addicting type tastes.

•    The use of fake flavorings is essential to make food that is hyperpalatable.

•    Industry insiders have been known to say things like "It is our business to make something taste like something, even if it is not "real" or as one insider said " the Food Industry is the manipulator of people's minds and desires"

•    Food chemists can replace virtually anything with chemicals such as butter, chocolate, fruit, meat, fish, anchovies, virtually any food substance.

•    The chemists can even make something taste grilled when it is not.

•    Many foods are injected with water to bulk it up, soaked in oil, fried and refined, battered, salted, sweetened, processed, refried and layered repeatedly with fat, sugar, and salt, with the mere goal of creating the maximum palatability, so that the maximum calories can be ingested.

•    The less you chew, the more you will eat and the quicker you will become addicted to the food.
The goal is what will increase crave-ability and irristability.  It is not about predicting what consumers will like.  It is about being sure what the outcome will be. Health is not even a consideration and would not even be mentioned if not for the fact that it is a useful tool in marketing.  Sadly though, foods of this type being healthy is a pure deception.
The bottom line here is - to maximize the chance to recover, restore and experience good health, a person needs to begin making wise dietary changes.
If you consume any food that comes in a can, jar, box or a wrapper, you need to question it intently to determine if it is really healthy for you.

To your health
Keith Sersland
Traditional Naturopath

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