Raw Dairy Risks


As many of you may have seen, a couple prominent raw food promoters came out recently talking about their decision to add raw dairy products in their diet and the benefits they have received. I unfortunately though have not seen them mention the risks involved in consuming raw dairy which compelled me to put together this articlel.

Pasteurization in milk has been blamed, justifiably so, for all sorts of chronic conditions such as asthma, osteoporosis, heart disease, colitis etc. However pasteurization has cut down significantly on the spreading of infectious diseases and pathogenic bacteria through raw milk consumption. When you consume raw milk you are putting yourself at risk for infection of some very serious diseases or pathogenic bacteria as you can read about in the articles below. The threat is real and happens more often than you think even in the more sanitary conditions of today. It can take one sick animal or unsanitary condition to poison a lot of milk.

The decision to try raw dairy should not be taken lightly. If you decide to use raw dairy you should be very confident in the strength of your immune system, very confident in the farm you are getting your dairy from and very confident in the animals themselves that they are not sick.

Below I attached the links of several informative articles on outbreaks and I give a brief description of each one if you do not have time to read them all. I included many in case you think one source is biased. By the way I am not advocating pasteurized milk. I personally have not consumed dairy for about 13 years. I like my green juice, millet sprout milk, coconut water and barley grass juice.

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Jon Rouland

Contains several heart wrenching videos of people who's health have been destroyed from raw dairy. Goat's milk as you will see is not always benign.

Provides a list of some of the major outbreaks that happened around the US


Goes over the dangers associated with raw dairy consumption

California raw milk co-op type program stops due to bacterial contamination resulting in one lady getting really ill

Turbuculosis outbreak in New York from raw cheese where one infant died

Bottom part of article noteworthy on dispelling some of the safety claims of raw milk

Notmilk.com creator Robert Cohen speaks on the dangers of rawmilk including the rabies outbreak in the NorthEast United States


Reasons behind pasteurization

Assortment of articles on raw dairy outbreaks


Highlights the bacteria contained in raw milk


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