Juice Fasting for Weight Loss


juice fasting for weight loss

Fantasizing for Freedom from Fat

You’ve tried low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb, cabbage soup, and many other numerous diets to no avail, right? I understand your struggle. No, really, I do: I’ve lost over 100 pounds and it didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a long journey because not only was I battling (morbid) obesity, I was struggling through very bad health issues. So, don’t think I can’t understand your incessant desire to lose weight—however you might be able to do that. I understand that you want to be freed from your fat body. I can relate to your frustration, feelings of hopelessness, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get those pounds off. But juice fasting just for weight loss alone isn’t the way to go, in my honest opinion.

Why Juice Fasting for Weight Loss Isn’t the Best Idea

Think about it: By this point, you’ve probably had issues with food for years, decades even. Maybe you’ve starved yourself and then pigged out on donuts, chips, cake, pizza, and ice cream. Maybe you have never even considered not eating—you’ve just chowed down continuously on whatever crosses your path. If it’s there, you eat it. Whatever eating habits you’ve formed will stand in the way of you being able to keep off the weight you lose by juice fasting.

Yes, You Can Lose Weight Juice Fasting

Most people do lose a significant amount of weight when they juice fast. Depending on the person and how much they weigh, they might lose up to 30 pounds (or even more) on a 30-day juice fast. Should you start a juice fast right away because that sounds like the quick fantasy weight loss you’ve always dreamed of? No!

Weight Loss Starts in Your Head—Not Your Gut

You’re thinking that by consuming only raw juices for any amount of time, you’ll shed the fat and live happily ever after. Think again. Weight loss is not that simple. Can people keep the weight off that they lose on a juice fast? Absolutely! What’s their secret? They have found mental and emotional healing and peace regarding the power of food. It no longer controls them. They have found a strength they never knew they possessed and they are exercising it each and every day that they wake up. If they go back to eating donuts and greasy burgers, their weight will go right back up at an amazing speed.

So, What Do You Do?

Make up your mind to change your life. Decide to take back the reins to your life and quit letting food drive you. Food doesn’t own you. It doesn’t control you. You don’t have to cower to its call. You are bigger than that, stronger than that, and deserve much, much better than that. If you really want to begin the journey to juicing for weight loss, then walk down the path that will take you where you want to end up: slimmer and healthier. How do you get there? Which way do you go? Where’s the exit you take? It’s just up ahead in the distance. See it? Actually, you’ll hear it….

Be Still and Listen

Learn to listen to your body, heart, mind, and soul. Maybe someone else lost a ton of weight on a low-calorie or low-fat diet but it just didn’t work for you. Don’t beat yourself up for that. Listen and find out what your body needs. I can help you with that. Live, raw juices are exploding with vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, phytochemicals, and all sorts of other nutrients. When you drink a raw, living juice, you’re sending life straight through your blood stream! How amazing is that? Your body is starving for that kind of nutrition!

Start Slowly and Proceed with Caution

Don’t give up on your dreams of juice fasting or weight loss—just don’t set the bar so high that when you fail you have a negative opinion of juice fasting and you give up on losing weight forever. Start incorporating fresh, raw juices into your daily life. Have a fresh glass of orange juice with your breakfast. Toss your salad into the juicer and drink it instead of eating it.

Once you learn to love raw juice and you are eating more raw foods, you’ll probably notice you feel better, some inches and/or pounds may start leaving, and you might even find that you have a different emotional and mental connection to food. Give yourself time, be encouraged, and prepare your body and your mind for a juice fast before attempting to embark on the miraculous journey. If you’re psychologically and emotionally prepared for a juice fast and you happen to lose weight while on your juice fasting journey, you’re more likely to keep those pounds off once you start eating again. Why? Because you’ll know the same secret others have discovered who lost weight while juice fasting and have kept it off: You’ll be mentally and emotionally at peace and you will finally be in charge of your destiny with food!

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