My Self Discovery


ChelseaMy Self Discovery
by Chelsea Krolicki – 16 year old Raw Foodist.

My journey continues to be about self discovery.  I have learned to tune in and listen to my higher self, and my intuition. This has helped me learn to trust that my body knows what is best for me.  On a daily basis I try to really feel my body, and get in touch with what I’m hungry for, physically AND emotionally. Often times we confuse emotional hunger for physical hunger.  This can lead to disordered eating, like compulsive eating which is what I have experienced when I’m out of balance and not grounded.

Growing up, I always had a sweet tooth (and still do!). Once I reached the age of 13, I frequently experienced the common symptoms of food allergies and sensitivities that consisted of headaches, bloating, and fatigue.  My diet at the time had very little variety.  I was eating virtually the same thing every day.  I would have a big bowl of frosted mini-wheat cereal with a handful of sugar cubes in the morning.  Then I would go all day at school without lunch (due to laziness), and arrive home ravenous and then make myself some form of pizza, usually followed by a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.  Then I would have some kind of dinner that also included sugar and carbohydrates. I finally came to a point where I was feeling nauseous, bloated, achy and overall very sick after every meal.  I also experienced acute migraines during these couple of years in my life due to my poor diet.

I finally decided to go to a holistic doctor when I thought I had a “cold” that just wasn’t going away. There I did a series of muscle testing and found out that I had many food allergies.  I had sensitivities to several grains but mainly wheat, and also sugar, dairy, and chocolate. I learned many healthy food alternatives during the sessions with my doctor, and was also surprised to hear that many people have trouble digesting these types of foods.  I have learned that some people are more sensitive than others, and when a certain food is eaten in excess one can develop an allergy or sensitivity to it.

Since then I have come a very long way, and now am inspired to be a holistic health nutritionist. I would love to help people heal themselves through self awareness and self love.  Even if you aren’t as extreme as I was, you must always come from a place of love and acceptance when trying to change your lifestyle.  It can be very difficult and seem like a roller coaster at times, but with a support system and constant re-centering of oneself, progress can be made.

We live in such a busy world, and therefore many of us obtain on-the-go lifestyles.  If I don’t center myself and focus on my true hungers and emotions, I am vulnerable and susceptible to falling into a downward spiral of eating unhealthy.
Staying healthy to me starts with being balanced on a spiritual level.  From there I can obtain a clear and peaceful state of mind, and have set intentions and positive affirmations that continue to roll through my head all day long.  Now, all of this sounds almost too perfect and simple.  I assure you that I still make mistakes frequently, but I always find a lesson behind the slip, or the “binge”.

Most of the time when I find myself partaking in unhealthy eating habits, it’s due to my emotions.  I have to be very careful to steer away from the pantry when I know that I’m feeling weak, tired, upset, or lonesome.  Instead of dwelling on the fact that I make mistakes and occasionally eat things that do not support my overall health, I like to look at it in a more positive and insightful way.  Instead, I think to myself how blessed we are that there is the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and our emotions through food!

What helps me stay on the right track is doing some meal planning at the beginning of each week.  I try to make sure we have plenty of salad mix, and fresh fruit to fill the coming days.  I am also blessed to have parents that support me and let me be somewhat in charge of what foods we buy, and who cater to my “uniqueness”.  Since my sessions with the holistic doctor about 3 years ago, my whole family has become more conscious and healthy.  My mom has been the main one who has changed and become very inspired by our new awareness. None of us are perfect and I still find it hard sometimes to resist the sweets and breads that are brought into the house, but I have been so blessed to find many alternatives.
I have found tons of raw food recipes (through loving friends, books, and websites) to replace a lot of my favorite desserts that consisted of dairy, sugar, or wheat. I have actually found that they are even more fulfilling, delicious and decadent!  I still have to be careful not to over-do it though, but just taking processed sugar out of my daily routine is what really keeps me on the right track.

My lifestyle is all about balance. I practice yoga and I love to swim and work-out at the gym to stay fit and create the endorphins that make me feel energized and peaceful.  I try to journal every night about my intentions and my emotions.  This is a form of prayer and meditation for me.  I take this time to connect with the angels, and my inner light, to inspire me and remind me of who I really am. That I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and that all my “mistakes” have lessons behind them.

My life is always exciting and changing, I make sure to give myself playtime and time for stillness. Staying grounded and balanced is most important for me.  My life is about learning what makes my mind, body and soul feel good. It is also about positive changes in my lifestyle to cater to my needs. My greatest lesson has been to come from a place of love and acceptance of myself.

Chelsea Krolicki- 16 year old Raw Foodist.

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