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Honoring your Skin


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Honoring your Skin

What many of us do not realize is that the skin is our bodies largest organ. It is important to care for our skin as it cares for us. Skin care is not just about beauty, it is about protecting and preserving an important piece to our magnificent body. Just as we do things to care for our heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc…we must also care for our skin. Keep it simple.

Three Steps — Twice Daily

1. Cleanse (for 2 minutes)

2. Tone (to re-balance the skins pH)

3. Moisturize (creates a barrier, to protect the skin from moisture loss)

Once or twice a week, add exfoliation into your “honor your skin” time.

Exfoliation softens and removes dead skin cells. Exfoliation enables the skin to self-purify, making it possible to absorb nutrients better. There are a lot of different types of exfoliation products and methods, but one of my favorites is baking soda. Make a paste with baking soda and water in your hand, and then work it all over your face and neck. It is gentle enough to use around the eye orbit, an often-neglected area. Now that you have fresh clean skin, tone, then add a fabulous treatment mask, or just your regular moisturizer and watch your skin glow. Remember to not only start picking healthier choices for your insides, but as your largest organ, start looking to nature to feed your skin as well. If beauty is your main concern, there is a beautiful balance to be had between nature, man made products and procedures. Find an aesthetician (a professional skin care therapist) to help guide you through the wonderful maze of technology and products, while being mindful to the vitality of natural active ingredients for your precious skin.

Peggy Maynard
Owner - Spa for One Sanctuary

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