Balanced Thyroid Boosts Energy!


balanced thyroid boosts energy



When Mary came to consult with me another patient had given her hope that I could help her get well. Mary certainly had a lot to be concerned about.

She had grown up near a chemical dump site and had had the long list of operations that can be preformed on a woman and was experiencing exhaustion, depression, poor digestion and low sex drive. It was time to find out what was really going on.

The Orthomolecular DNA test was the place to start and we had the DNA test completed for Mary to get a snapshot of what might be the underlying cause of her lack of energy and chronic illness. It showed a weakened thyroid, liver and adrenals along with elevated chemical poisons and extremely high toxic heavy metal levels along with some very very low levels of vitamin D3.

As a Naturopathic physician when I work with a patient to get well, I believe the common sense and most effective approach is to help the body remove whatever may be weakening it and then strengthen and support those organs that are stressed so they can function in a balanced and natural way God intended.  Unfortunately most Medical doctors limit their treatment to writing a prescription for a powerful drug that will simply control the symptom that is presented without considering the real underlying cause or the impact of food and nutrition on the body as if the fuel you give your body has no effect on how well it runs!

So with Mary we got her to add real live foods to her diet and stay away from the sodas, candy and junk foods. We helped her detox and support her liver (a major organ for building the building blocks for hormones) with Lipotroph and Liver Tonic. To help her detox the high toxic chemicals she took Ex-Metox at bedtime and the EDTA suppositories to pull out the toxic heavy metals present. The herbal Thyroid Complex supported her thyroid and she was on her way to getting well.

Within a few months her energy was markedly improved and she was excited about her new found love life with her husband! She continues to improve.

Remember “God has given your body the amazing power to heal itself”. Do you have questions? Call me anytime at (972)-333-4394.


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