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Summer Superfood Snack

Summer Superfood Snack

These are great to grab and go for a picnic, day on the beach, or a quick breakfast or snack for a summer car or plane trip.  Enjoy!  If you do not have some of the ingredients or prefer to leave them out, feel free to make this your own!
•    2 medium size fuji apples – cut into chunks…

“Jungle Love” Chocolate Almond Butter Torte

“Jungle Love” Chocolate Almond Butter Torte

Some dear friends recently got married and in honor of their union, I created this decadent dessert to share with them during a recent visit.  It’s really good!  Enjoy. Bottom layer: 1 ½ cups raw almond butter ¼ cup melted cocoa butter or coconut oil ¼ cup sucanat or agave 2 pinches of sea salt…

Protein Shots

Makes approximately 32 small shots These are the perfect fix after a good workout! •    6 pitted dates •    1 ½ cup steel cut oats – soaked overnight and drained •    ½ teaspoon sea salt •    1 teaspoon vanilla extract Blend in food process or with S blade until…

Cauliflower Poppers with Lemon Tahini Sauce

Looking for a satisfying snack or accompaniment for your salad?  These little bites of heaven will do the trick!  Enjoy. •    1 small head of cauliflower – cut into chunks •    1 carrot – chopped •    1 ½  cups chopped spinach •    1 cup sunflower seeds – ground…

Creamy Vegetable Sauce

•    ½ cup raw tahini •    1/3 cup nutritional yeast •    ¼ – ½ cup ionized alkaline mineral water (or spring water) •    ¼ cup coconut amino acids or nama shoyu •    1 teaspoon olive oil •    Juice of two small lemons •    ½ – 1 tablespoon of raw agave…

Chocolate Oat Rounds

Corn tortillas

Chocolate Chip Coconut Oat Cookies

Super Sexy Chia Chocolate Cups

Granola Crunch Cereal

Can’t Get Enough Cauliflower Bites

Happy Veggie Patties on Buckwheat Buns!

Savory Holiday Patties

Live Fries and Ketchup

Brazil Nut Stuffed Dates

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ORGANIC WATER? Drinking water in its most natural state; glacial, ionized, microclustered and alkaline, is as important as eating fruits and vegetables in their natural state, organic. Organic foods, primarily promoted by raw food advocates and the drinking of restructured water should go hand-in-hand….

Alkaline Water and Weight Loss

Alkaline Water and Weight Loss
Research by Dr. Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, shows that the epidemic of obesity in the industrialized world is result of acidity in the body.
The body creates fat cells to trap and neutralize acids in the system.
The modern diet of…

Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline WaterBenefits
Restores the pH balance in the body.
Alkaline water can neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution, and many bottled waters.
A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids.

California’s Poison Strawberries

Farmers in California are about to start contaminating your strawberries with what scientists call “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth.” Methyl iodide is a known poison that’s so toxic scientists actually use it to grow cancer cells in lab settings. It’s also been linked to miscarriages, thyroid…

Building a Compost Pile from Recycled Materials

March Madness may turn most sports’ lovers thoughts to basketball, but to me March madness means composting madness! I admit that I’m sort of a nut for composting. Composting saves so many pounds per year of refuse from ending up in landfills, but more importantly, it enriches the soil. It adds valuable…

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